#195: Austria

This is it.

Our last country. The final blog post. Just short of 5 years. It’s been 195 Sundays of fun, food and family. It’s incredible to, how this journey has documented so many of our life events and life changes over those five years. It’s amazing to look back at a post from 2016 randomly and be reminded of what was happening in Colorado, Brovskyland and our nation. Thank you all for sitting at our table and feasting on the food of the world with us.

Onward to the future? We plan on having another project soon… but we are certain that while the details are being worked out (eating our way through all 50 states? Voting and making our best dishes of AW195S? Perhaps drinks from around the world?) we will be opening our cookbooks and homes to you all very, very soon.

THE DINNER: It seemed only fitting that we are hitting Austria for our last meal on AW195S… it’s sort of where it all began. Allow me to explain myself one last time. While on a trip to Austria and surrounding countries in the summer of 2011, we got to try local cuisine. The recipes we brought back sparked the want to have different national food more often in our home. Following a meal from Austria/Hungary, my mom was struck with the idea for this project. Around the World in 195 Sundays. This is full circle.

Since this was a celebrations of sorts, we picked Vienna Torte for the last meal with the blog. It’s a celebratory cake but also since dessert is often the last course of the meal, it was a nice bookend. This Hazelnut Cream Torte is a staple of German-Austrian dessert seekers and is quite unique.

Viennese Torte Recipe: https://tarasmulticulturaltable.com/the-viennese-kitchen-cookbook-review-and-haselnuscremetorte-austrian-hazelnut-cream-torte/



Ease of prep and cooking: 3 STARS out of 5 STARS for this meal!
There was some tricky assembly here, guys. It had egg whites folding in, it had make your own candied nuts and it had cut and assemble the fresh cake with fresh icing. So over coming those hurdles, was a little easier because L called in myself. I am not super talented in many kitchen adventures, but cake? I GOT CAKE. But honestly, if it weren’t me? This was five star trouble. Also, the directions were translated and converted from metric. Mom made the cake and I decorated it… the tag team was back in action for the last picture show.

Best dish of all time scale: 4 STARS out of 5 for this meal!! 
Was it worth all that? TOTALLY. The hard work paid off with sweet and a little savory Viennese Torte for dessert at family dinner. The six of us demolished this thing handily. The breadcrumbs added an almost cornbread texture to the cake itself while the butter cream was buttery and sweet–but not cloyingly so. Served with famous Viennese coffee…the balance of the savory cake and sweet icing was perfect and it was just like Austria made when we were there. The candied nuts added a great snap and little smokiness. köstlich! (“delicious” in German).

So who are we?? After 5 years, here’s me and my mom: L & K at your service ❤

This is where I typically write in what country we plan to visit next, and as a I sit typing this final entry, I am overcome with sadness but also excitement. What an amazing thing we have accomplished. I can want for more eloquent speech to express it here, but I’m a scientist and not a writer after all. In closing, I would like to sincerely thank you all for putting up with my dad jokes, spelling/grammatical missteps and musings over the last 195 entries. You’re all such good sports.

Till Next Time
Bon Appetite, Friends! 

All Our Love, 
– L & K



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