#194: Gambia

Circling the drain this week, it took a little extra get up and go with influenza season in full force all around us. Staving off infection is a new (old) game I like to play with my immune system. It’s been a little emergen-C and a lot of hand washing– which is a fun magic trick when you already wash your hands 1000 times a day at a hospital. All that aside, it’s stock show kick off weekend here once again. Welcome to the 116th year of the NWSS, Denver! We missed you 😉

THE DINNER: We picked a traditional fish dish (say that one ten times for me with a mouth full of marshmallows) for Gambia called Caldo. This is a spicy lemon white fish with onions. When I say “spicy” be warned, even I think of this in terms of spice. It’s a typical peasant dish in the country and this is due to the “cheap” nature of fish there thanks to it’s very prominent river.

Gambian Caldo Recipe: https://www.196flavors.com/gambia-caldo-fish-yassa/



Ease of prep and cooking: 1 a STAR out of 5 STARS for this meal!
This was simple, and sweet (read: spicy). The ingredient list of my dreams often times has two of the five ingredients as hot peppers. My heart be still! There was no translating and no converting, but we were all too happy to oblige this.

Best dish of all time scale: 5 STARS out of 5 for this meal!! 
Hold on loosely! This was a five star fire alarm here in Brovskyland! Well played, Gambia and thanks for finishing strong at #194! Yellow mustard is, after all, the strangest thing we have seen with fish (and WE HAVE SEEN A LOT of strange things with fish over the 5 years we blogged around the planet). It just worked! The tang of the mustard and the spice of the peppers. This one was a home run.

For #195 we head to the Austria as planned! This is our final country, my final post and our last “supper” with AW195S. Please don’t worry, we will find a new food project sooner rather than later… maybe I’ll start posting more from the Sassy Baker in the meantime. I have been on a rather large pie binge, much to the delight of all my friends and family.

Keep it clean and healthy, folks! 
– L & K

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