#192: Grenada

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat.

Ned and I watched– no– we devoured this documentary series on Netflix. Excuse the pun, you know I love those so much. This four part series follows chef Samin Nosrat as she teaches us why these four elements of cooking are what makes food delicious and why without them food is not as great an experience. She’s adorable and it was fun for me (an experienced cook) and Ned (a maker of very good toast) to watch it together. We both got so much out of it. So, my plug for this is complete– watch Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat…. and cook Grenada with us 🙂

THE DINNER: And then there were three. That’s it, three left. This all seems really surreal. We have #192 in Grenada, #193 in The Solomon Islands, #194 in Gambia and then #195…have you been keeping track? Do you know what it is?! Part of me, the mean trickster part, doesn’t want to tell you yet, but I’m a sucker for a good list after all. #195, our final country is Austria (and there’s a story behind that when we get there on why we picked it for the last country).

My dad served in the Grenada Conflict while in the Navy, and it’s fun that he actually hasn’t had any Grenadian food! The fruit of choice for this South Pac island is the pomegranate. Almost every recipe bears the mark of this succulent fruit. This week, we made smoothies to get our health on for the new year.

Grenadian Pomegranate Smoothie Recipe: https://www.placeresorganicos.com/smoothie-de-granada-y-naranja/



Ease of prep and cooking: HALF a STAR out of 5 STARS for this meal!
This week had translation and conversion– but in ALL fairness, it was just a smoothie, so there was nothing super strenuous. We gave this one a half but honestly, could have been a less if possible. There were five ingredients and it was a blended dream.

Best dish of all time scale: 3.5 STARS out of 5 for this meal!! 
Hmmm… Ned can tell you, I’m not a fan of the “liquid lunch” so this missed the mark out of the gate for me. That in account, oranges and almond milk with the pomegranate all had the acidity you want in a combo. It might have been lacking some sweet component and honey or agave might have been a smart addition to this recipe. Overall, it was just a smoothie and while it was “good” it can’t really compete on the level of other countries we have covered so a 3.5 was the best we could offer.

For #193 we head to the Solomon Islands!! 

– L & K

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