#188: Belgium

It was nice to have a weekend of pretty much nothing for a change. Still did some packing and unpacking but overall it was just soccer, football and cooking with mom. The weather was pretty supportive of this agenda and my body needed the extra sleep after the last couple weeks found me burning it down at both ends of the stick. It was a quiet one around here… easy like a Sunday morning.

THE DINNER: Belgium is most famous for it’s junk food. Read: Beer, fries and chocolate. Some fun facts about Belgium? You know i’m always game for some useless trivia!

  • Technically called “The Kingdom of Belgium” as it’s official name. Still to this day.
  • Brussels comes in tied with DC for the most amount of diplomats and foreign press correspondents in the world
  • Most castles per square kilometer in the world
  • Brussels’ airport sells the most chocolate of anyplace in the world (yes, that includes Hershey, PA)
  • in 1990 the king of Belgium was dethroned for 36 hours so that parliament could pass a law he was opposed to. They signed it and then put him back on the thrown.
  • Had the first openly gay PM
  • Belgians invented fries…. so that’s really the note we should end on here.

We picked Boulets Liegeois. Which by my last note you might extrapolate that it’s meatballs in apple and onion gravy served poutine style over FRIES. This is one of the most beloved and popular dishes in the country and should make for some comfort food coupled with the chilly Colorado weather.

Boulets Liegeois Recipe: https://cookingwithcurls.com/2014/10/13/boulets-liegeois/



Ease of prep and cooking: 3 STARS out of 5 STARS for this meal!
This one wasn’t “hard” per say, but it wasn’t easy, you dig? It was a lot of assembly and it was probably a good thing that L had an extra set of hands on deck for the process. The ingredient list was cake– and apple butter is sold by the pound.

Best dish of all time scale: 5 STARS out of 5 for this meal!! 
A solid FIVE sparkly ones on this week’s board, ya’ll. Freezing cold soccer was happily followed by yummy meatballs. The most beautiful thing happened when apple butter met pork drippings and onions…. the gravy this gave birth to was spectacular. I mean, the meat itself was delicious (and kudos to the exponential use of onion up in here, people) but this gravy situation would have tasted good on a phone book. The meatballs were so filling and comforting– they called for “half cup” meatballs, but we used 1/3 cup and they were still enormous. Despite the chow down, we managed to salvage some leftovers for Ned when he returned from camping.

#189 throws us into the land of Sierra Leone!!

Trying not to listen to Christmas music yet, 
– L & K

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