#184: Papua New Guinea

We are back at GABF and Oktoberfest this weekend here in the Mile High! Once a year, our fair city turns into beer mecca for a whole three days worth of chaos. It’s the largest beer festival around and many call it the Super Bowl of beer. We did the math last year, and if you were able to taste all the samples at the Great American Beer Festival in your 4 hour tour (granted that 1oz pours of each sample) you would SINGLE-HANDEDLY be drinking 2 kegs yourself. In four hours. And them ain’t pony kegs, partner.

So needless to say, while impossible and daunting, to those about to rock, we salute you 😉 God Speed.

THE DINNER: Guys, 85% of the Guinean people are rural! That means that there’s less of an emphasis on “street food” and a stronger (albeit, mostly unintentional) drive for farm to table foods. Lots of root veggies like Taro and lots of fruits like passion fruit color the palate of Guinean cuisine. While geographically, one might think they fall into the Asian influence for their flavors, it’s more akin to Oceanic countries (think back to 8th grade geography here with me, folks. That’s Australian, New Zealand, etc).

Rice being a strong contender for main starch source, we went into a dessert mode and made these banana tapioca dumplings. Usually these puppies are cooked/steamed in a pit or over flames in banana leaves, but we improved in Colorado for this one.

Guinean Tapioca Dumpling Recipe:  http://globaltableadventure.com/recipe/tapioca-banana-dumplings-in-coconut-milk-saksak/ 



Ease of prep and cooking: 1.5 STARS out of 5 STARS for this meal!
Ridiculously easy, ladies and gents! No metric conversions or translations and there were no specialty ingredients! Mom opted for foil instead of leaves because the market didn’t have any fresh ones, and we don’t like to use bad ingredients.

Best dish of all time scale: 3 STARS out of 5 for this meal!! 
Down to brass tacks, it was dumplings. I sat this one out because two foods out of all foods that I don’t like are 1. Tapioca/rice pudding and 2. bananas. So this one was not for me, and that’s alright. Came back as large dumplings and unfortunately seemed a bit rubbery for my mom’s taste — and she’s a connoisseur of tapioca. Textural disappointment aside, it as not as banana forward and one might expect or like. Not a winner, but now, they can’t all be.

Rounding home plate with 10 countries left, we make our way to Afghanistan for #185.

Drink safe this weekend Denver!! 
– L & K

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