#180 and #181: Antigua and Barbuda

France won!!

I think this is where we talk about redemption and all that after that piss poor showing in the 1999 cup, but really all I want to talk about is that instant replay situation that cost Croatia a PK and subsequently made world soccer history. The fact that a hand ball was called using technology was BONKERS. Apart from that, it didn’t dictate the outcome of the match, but it did effect the momentum and morale. If not for an owned goal and that PK, it would have been a tied match. The use of instant replay to change on field calls is something that shouldn’t be allowed to infiltrate soccer…. I wouldn’t hate reviewing goals, but not plays or handballs like they did this Sunday in Russia. No complaints here, I thought it was interesting soccer and good viewing. Just something a little strange that added to an otherwise high scoring match. I gotta say, those goals were all stunning. Little heart shaped eye emoji to my guy Ned for making breakfast and watching me yell for 90 minutes.

THE DINNER: We went to Antigua and Barbuda for some island cooking this weekend. It was a rainy Sunday, so soup was on the menu! This one is called “Pepperpot Soup” and it’s peppery and veggie packed. The islands are known for soups like this that are similar to South Pacific hotpot. The ingredients are typically local and this one features some sweet potatoes!

Pepperpot Soup Recipe: https://littlelostcook.wordpress.com/2014/05/28/8-antigua-en-barbuda-pepperpot-soup-and-ducuna/



Ease of prep and cooking: 1 STARS out of 5 STARS for this meal!
The nature of soup is it’s simplicity. You throw all the ingredients in a pot and let them get happy. That’s really all we did here. No translations. All around no conversions or metrics! (we did have to use green beans in place of okra due to time of year)

Best dish of all time scale: 4.5 STARS out of 5 for this meal!! 
For someone who hated sweet potatoes all her life, my mom loved this soup! While it was spicy and peppery the potatoes cut that with their sweetness and starch. Magical it was said Yoda. The beef sirloin was tender and hearty- while also managing to not be stringy or sinewy. We used green beans as a substitute for okra and that was awesome. Fresh green beans add such a great texture and honestly, I’m spoiled now and can’t even think about canned ones.  It was just what the doctor ordered!

Back firing on all cylinders we will be hitting up #182 for Kyrgyzstan! This means we are 13 countries away from being done and that’s incredible! Closing out this project of 4 years will be something miraculous and amazing.

 Great Match France! 
– L & K

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