#178: Serbia

Having BBQs on patios now comes with the added bonus of getting to snuggle up on newborn infants as I recently learned. My friend’s have used their chromosomes to make some pretty darling darlings and it’s hard to not want to nestle the little babies in your purse and walk out like nothing happened. Can you even imagine how tiny baby fingernails are?! TINY. And little toenails are also tiny. What amazing things that they grow into full size fingernails and toenails. I wonder if anyone realizes this stuff but me sometimes… regardless, shout out to our guest cooks this Sunday! Zach grilled up anything and everything which included some kick ass salmon and in the rain none the less! I might be in a food coma till next summer.

THE DINNER: I baked a triple berry pie and cuddled on patios, but L made some Serbian Pljeskavica which are burgers. It was All American without being anywhere close to All American. So testing out burgers from another country was really interesting and fun. The Pljeskavica are Serbian pork or beef and served in flat bread instead of on traditional burger buns. The toppings include onions and a red pepper spread called ajvar which is a relish more or less.  It’s grilled eggplant and peppers all processed together to get all happy and lovely.

Serbian Pljeskavica Recipe: http://cookingtheglobe.com/pljeskavica-serbian-burger-recipe/
Serbian Ajvar Recipe: http://cookingtheglobe.com/ajvar-recipe-serbian-red-pepper-relish/


Ease of prep and cooking: 3 STARS out of 5 STARS for this meal!
Lots of moving parts, but nothing outside of what “normal american burgers” would entail. We had to use a cheese substitute for the Kajmal hat was asked for by using Gallego which is a Spanish soft cheese instead. Some Conversion was require in making the ajvar but this was WELL WORTH the effort.

Best dish of all time scale: 4.75 STARS out of 5 for this meal!! 
Homemade ajvar is where it’s at friends! simply delicious. The grilled eggplant and red pepper tag team was wonderful and blended into what was really a hummus. The flat bread pita that was used to house this power house was really complimentary of the flavors and didn’t compete for the lime light. Creamy cheese, crunchy pinon nuts and zesty onion and pickles really rounded out the textures and flavors. It’s everything you would want. Well played, Serbia!

Watching some World Cup and slide tackling #179 for Iraq!

– L & K

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