#177: Kuwait

It’s been hot and heavy here in the Mile High City. Two large fires both on I-25 raged this weekend and it’s like the whole world is on fire at this point. It’s sad to think how dependent we are on the rainfall and snow pack even when we are such a technological powerhouse of time periods. On the heels of our independence day, it’s hard to not want to grill, smoke s’mores over open fires and blast off sparklers to your heart’s content… but with some caution, celebrate our escape from tyranny carefully this year guys!

DINNER: Ku-waiting for the remaining 18 food countries here in the Mile High City, we picked up our forks and ventured to the desert for some Kuwaiti cuisine. See what I did there? Ku-waiting? Alright, maybe this crazy Colorado heat wave has scrambled some of my brain… moving on. In an effort to not slave over a hot stove, we picked Kuwaiti sweet dumplings called “Luqaimat” which are basically doughnuts topped with honey. Don’t call me honey, darling. ALRIGHT, I swear that’s probably the last pun for this post.

Kuwaiti Luqaimat Recipe: https://www.munatycooking.com/sweet-dumplings-luqaimat



Ease of prep and cooking: 3 STARS out of 5 STARS for this meal!
Frying and making doughnuts is a little labor intensive. This one was no exception to the rule. The ingredient list was short though and there were no special trips to special markets. No conversion or translations so that helps things move along. Be careful frying!

Best dish of all time scale: 3.5 STARS out of 5 for this meal!! 
Nothing really earth rattling here, but I mean who doesn’t love fried dough when it comes down to it? Right, no one hates what we were putting down here. There was something sort of odd about putting saffron in the batter and the cardamom played nicely with the honey that enveloped the warm dumplings. The texture was doughy as one might expect and while we didn’t hate them and ate them all, we just weren’t impressed enough to level more than 3.5 stars.

Off to the next country #178 for the food of Serbia! This one will hopefully include lamb in some form, but I’m never ceased to be amazed at what strange turns out recipe hunts produce. So perhaps we will be surprised!

 All our happiest moments include food! 
– L & K

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