#165: Republic of Mauritius

Compassion will always hurt if you’re doing it right.

It should rattle your gilded cage a little and make you remember even in the midst of your self pity that you have it oh so good. I get it– and it’s not a guilt trip. Maybe it’s just this time of year when everyone is concentrated on “me” that sticks in my craw… “my new years resolution/ the new me / the improved me / the better me” and it’s all well and good, but what is this new and improved you 2.0 doing for humanity this year? Now, before you get bristly about it, yes, I too have lost track of the good I wish to do for the world. But, let’s make sure we stick it to the man this year. I don’t care which man we stick it to, but please make sure you’re invested in making the world better while you’re making you better in 2018. We can all use a little help from our fellow humans. Let’s face it, it’s not fun to face the mess we make of one another; but in the end I believe that love is the best cure for that which ails us.Throw kindness around like confetti. It costs nothing to make people smile

So, I suppose I’ll take a reality check (up) with my gym membership this year, please and thank you. Rant over. Happy belated MLK Day and thank you to those that attended The Women’s Marches all over the nation this weekend 😉

THE DINNER: This little gem is a) hard to pronounce and b) not located where my brain initially thought it would be. Let me address item “a” first. It’s pronounced “Maw-ree-shuhs” (for those French ex pats: République de Maurice was the OG name for the island). Now for item “b”… over Tuesday pho, the boyfriend mentioned taking a vacation to a white sandy beach someplace. LORD HELP ME, my mind has been pretty fixated on that idea. As irony would have it, this country is in the Indian Ocean right off the eastern coast of Madagascar (recall those Peri Peri Prawns back in week #38? We do too, guys. We do too). Mauritius is known for their pristine oceans and mountainous hiking. It’s basically paradise. Let’s hope the food is just that too.

Doing my typical recipe hunt this week, we stumbled across a lot of Asian and French inspired food as well as Indian influence. Not surprising at all given the location. The recipe we settled on is a kin to Chinese Lo Mein — shrimp/chicken and stir fried goodness awaits! Can’t say no to a good noodle dish around here, now can we?

Mine Frite Au Poulet Recipe: http://confessionsofafoodaholic017.blogspot.com/2013/05/mauritian-fried-noddles-mine-frite-au.html



Ease of prep and cooking: THREE STARS out of five this meal!
There was translation involved here, and there was a lot of “mise en place” (which I learned on Kid’s Baking Challenge). Was there as much as Morocco in week #2? Not even remotely. But it did add time and patience to the meter. We also had a special trip to H Mart to procure noodles, etc, so it was not a cake walk– but worth it. See below.

Best dish of all time scale: FIVE STARS out of five for Meal!!
The snow had us jonesing for something warm and inviting… typically since it’s football day, that means chili on days like this– but wow, did this one hit the mark like a well placed dart. The noodles held up phenomenally against the stir frying and the protein packed dance (shrimp and chicken!? holla at your boy, friends). Then there was the cabbage and veggies that added lovely texture. I have to admit, as did mom and dad, that the egg was the best part. What a great spongy little addition to the mix! With all things considered, we wanted for some chili sauce for a little spice (but that was in the recipe, so we weren’t stretching our culinary legs much).

For the next fun sized portion of foodie madness we will dive into #166 with a visit to Burundi. Can’t wait to see what there will be in terms of food for this one. I feel like classic African food is most certainly in our future though.

May the Force Be With You!
– L & K

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