#164: Cape Verde Islands

May 2017 find you at war with your vices and at peace with your virtues.

I’ve got to confess, so far this year is off to the exact right start. Now, now, now! I hear you in the back row. Yes, I am aware we are x amount of days, hours, minutes into this thing– but talking from a place of “the last two years were totally awful”, I can already feel a marked change in the tenor of this one. I’ll be damned if it isn’t already vastly better. Heading into the belly of National Western Stock Show season and on the brink of spring soccer, it’s all starting to align. I usually dread this time of year to be honest. You’re sort of coming off the proverbial holiday hangover. The lights aren’t twinkling and the magic feeling has left with the chime of NYE midnight just like Cinderella warned you it would… and yet, from where I’m standing- it’s still champagne and rose colored glasses. Which, knock me over with a feather, is pretty unnerving in all the best ways. So, yeah, best year ever so far, amiright?

THE DINNER: Rolling right along, we picked up an African country for a little island culinary love. Kicking this new year off on the correct, right, true north as best we could– we wondered how this last year of cooking was going to treat us. We have a mere 31 countries to tick off the meter. That’s a staggering 86% completion of our three year cooking project!!! WOWZERS, kiddos. That’s a lifetime in puppy years.

#164 took us to the Cape Verde Islands for a little Portuguese number involving peppers, chicken and saffron ❤ oh, how we love our little saffron star of the show around here. It’s not unusual as we have found to have Portuguese inspiration for territories and islands inhabited by the motherland… here we find nothing different.

Chicken and Peppers with Saffron Recipe: https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/4535-chicken-breasts-with-peppers-tomatoes-and-saffron




Ease of prep and cooking: TWO STARS out of five this meal!
High brow recipe pull from The New York (freaking) Times affords that we didn’t have to lift a neuron to translate, convert or compile anything for this one, ladies and gentlemen! Three cheers for some laziness for once as this is a gravity not seen here on this blog often. There was a grand total of “60 min” allotted to the recipe and that seemed about correct when all was said and done, though the recipe says “30 min”. Overall, we decided two stars was probably on par for the elements encountered here.

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR STARS out of five for Meal!!
This was really yummy, so don’t let the four stars buck you off the bull (sorry, rodeo on the brain from this weekend’s adventures). It was flavorful, though we wanted more spice. It was saucy, though we wanted it to be thicker. While it wasn’t exactly on the mark for several components, it was satisfying and hearty. The peppers held up to the chicken nicely- and I’ll be a monkey’s aunt if we don’t love some saffron up in Brovskyland as well as our favorite little secret weapon shallot <3. It’s hard to complain about a nice meal, so I will leave you with that. I mean, it wasn’t a home-run, but it probably rounded third base.

With the National Western Stock Show in full swing, we will make sure to have our boots polished and our hats on for a little trip to #165 for the Republic of Mauritius.

– L & K

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