#163: Palau

It’s a cold one, Mr Grinch!

Well, I’ll be damned if this year isn’t closing out on some pretty amazing surprises! We got a white Christmas unexpectedly in the Mile High City; and I’m looking forward to spending NYE the way they do in Holiday Inn… “Kissing the old year out, kissing the new year in”.  Typically, my inner Type A personality isn’t a fan of surprises– but the pleasant ones can always find welcoming arms from this Colorado girl. I better not say too much on the topic as my “optimist” is showing through again. I thought 2017 had taught her a lesson, and yet, here she is— bright eyed and bushy tailed.

As I find myself looking forward more than I tended to do in 2017, reflection on the year is inevitable… lots of firsts, lots of lasts, lots of heartache and so much fun. It was exactly how I like my life: Rollercoaster perfect. So if nothing else, we are right on track. All aboard.

THE DINNER: Nestled in the south Pac, we have hit Micronesia as well as the Philippines which are neighbors of our country this week, Palau. It contains approximately 340 islands. This little country went through Spanish and American occupations before becoming independent. Palau ONLY employs 18 marine police officers to patrol the nation’s 230,000 square mile territory… just take a hot minute to soak that in… EIGHTEEN. That’s IT. So, you gotta believe these hard working people are gonna seek some serious sustenance.

We tackled what can only be described as “fritters” stateside. To be exact, they were akin to shrimp and veggie fritters. So savory, but corn and shrimp do have an innate sweetness to them already. The recipe did not need to be translated and all in all, we made this for lunch on Christmas eve (nestled between dinner at my grandma’s with Tom’s famous soup and all the cowboy’s football…)

Palau Shrimp Patties Recipe: https://chamoritamommaskitchen.com/2013/07/27/chamorro-shrimp-patties/amp/




Ease of prep and cooking: THREE STARS out of five this meal!
Alright, folks. It wasn’t hard to make the “dough” but it was tricky deep frying things… this star count is to draw attention to the severity of operating a fryer. So take heed! Lest ye be ringing in 2018 without eyebrows 😉 beyond that, of course, no strange ingredients to hunt for and no translations or conversions. It was a walk in a winter wonderland park.

Best dish of all time scale: FIVE STARS out of five for Meal!!
I barely got past what I am calling “nose feel” before giving this a five star review. IT WAS THAT YUMMY. My nose was just in love with it from the get go. Then the taste! WOWZERS. It was crispy and gooey in all the right ways– thanks for the gooey condensed milk! We were in love with the texture. Doughy, but not dough. It was light and fluffy but heartier than tempura. It was lovely. We ate ourselves a little silly with this one… we also halved the recipe in hopes of preserving our tummies for Christmas Eve feasting at The Foster House… and yet, we couldn’t stop. The salt and seasonings were excellent. I didn’t even really want to put any hot sauce on these (which is saying SOMETHING… though to be fair, spicy jalapeno ranch would make an excellent dipping companion. As well as an IPA).

Off to Africa to ring in the new year!! We will be celebrating Auld Lang Syne with #164 in the Cape Verde Islands.

The best things happen while you’re dancing!
– L & K

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