#162: Jordan

“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”

This week was Olde Town Arvada’s 26th Lagniappe. What in the Sam Hill is “Lagniappe” you ask? Well, friends, it’s this darling, quirky Arvada tradition where vendors and businesses give out Lagniappe– or “tiny gift”. This gift is something given gratuitously by way of good measure. And isn’t that the way, guys? Arvada goes all out for their show of gratitude and love: fireman chili cook-off, cider and egg nog competition, choirs and tree lightings. If you were trying to be a Grinch, good luck getting past the 7yr old in a bear hat handing you free hot coco in Olde Town Square. Bah Humbug never took a nose dive in such quick order. Every damn thing in Denver is twinkled with twinkle lights and wrapped in holly and dripping with Christmas music. Sometimes, I know, it all starts to feel heavy and “a bit too much comfort and joy” but remember that it’s only a few weeks a year and then it’s gone. Give in already! Be dorky, cheesy and ridiculous about all the childish wonders that are bombarding you. It’s oh so good to feel that warm fuzzy feeling of Fuzzy’s Tacos and remember that there is a magical thing about this time of year- in fact, you and 1000 of your closest Arvadans were there witnessing it together. So, hell yeah, Virginia, there really must be a Santa Claus and he’s living in all those smiling faces. (Now, for the love of the ghost of Christmas present, cue the snow it’s been way too warm here!)

THE DINNER: We picked Jordanian food for our sojourn this Sunday. I’m gearing up for what will undoubtedly be the busiest week of my year. EVERYTHING is happening in Brovskyland this week. I’ve been dealing with customs in Jordan’s neighboring country Israel and since we’ve already done the other neighbor Lebanon, it fell to Jordan this week to make an appearance.

Turns out, Jordanian food is exactly what you’d geographically expect– but I did learn some notable things about this one in my research. Ahem, please take notes. Mainly, the people of Jordan, eat very succinct meals and for most of them, Foul is present. Foul (pronounced “fool”) is very akin to hummus but made with fava bean instead of chickpeas. It’s a spread, a dip or a condiment to everything including breakfasts. We were celebrating L’s birthday, so a nice light lunch of foul sounded like the perfect foodie adventure.

Jordanian Foul Recipe: https://landlopers.com/2011/06/16/learning-make-foul-jordans-oldest-important-dishes









Ease of prep and cooking: HALF STARS out of five for this recipe!
Well, hells bells, this one was a great follow up from last week’s equally easy recipe. Now, now, don’t mistake me– just because something is simplistic, doesn’t mean it’s not complex in flavors. I would even argue that simplicity is the best thing food can be. Along those lines, this one was a five ingredient wonder and took under an hour from boiling to taste buds. Not too shabby for a very busy weekend.

Best dish of all time scale: FOURish STARS out of five for this meal!
Ask and ye shall receive! We wanted to be satisfied and we were! In SPADES. Also we asked for the Broncos to knock it off with the losing already. Bonus points for that.

Alright… I’m gonna level with you- it’s hard to evaluate this one (or even ones “like this”) in that it’s so simple- how does one stack this up against #77: France? That was a five star but was off the scales on difficulty. No, to be fair, in comparison, it’s not close to being in the same league, but this was really delicious. It was sort of a game changer for the hummus crowd- it’s silky and smooth and buttery. It’s everything one might want in a dip. On that note, it’s easily five stars, but in context it’s more like four or three. So let’s split the difference and meet in the middle. I’m all about compromise, after all 😉 We decided we could have endless options for tweaks to this one: it bears mentioning that we would throw some hot sauce in there for a spiced up version or throw in onion for a kicked up version … now excuse me while I make a fool of myself with the leftover Foul.

Next weekend marks 8 sleeps till Christmas and while everything is still holiday hustle and bustle, we will venture to #163 for a little Palau foodie fun.

Dreaming of a White Christmas (& a HAPPY HAPPY birthday for L <3),
– Kris

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