#161: Micronesia

The cure really is The Cure.
You feel me?

Sometimes you just have to jam out to music when you have to adult and don’t quite feel like it. That being said, I had my headphones glued to my ears all week long. It was that type of adulting this week (which is typical when coming off a holiday weekend). I hit the pop charts at a running start from Monday onward… and The Cure was the answer to all my problems. My mom often laughs at my mild obsession with this English band– but can you blame me? I learned my unquenchable love of British invasionists from her… I have long held this truth: “Lovesong” is one of the most romantic songs out there. Those lyrics are too good. Go ahead, google them and swoon. And while you’re at it, don’t stop there– live a little, the Brits were blowing up the social media with Harry’s engagement. Get down with your bad self and delve into the black hole that is British news right now. Next year will see a royal wedding and another royal baby. I had a friend mention to me this week that I was due for 2018 to be a spectacular year. At this rate, I think if I move to England I’ll already have hedged my bets on that one…

THE DINNER: While responsibilities had me pondering a trip across the pond, we took a culinary field trip to Micronesia for our blog this weekend. The respite was lovely, if I do say so. Something amazing about this time of year: all my weekends are full (read:jam packed) AND IT’S THE BEST! But getting to take a timeout to cook with my mom is probably even more magnified in the busy bustle.

Micronesia kicks off December for us. To be precise, it’s actually called “Federated States of Micronesia” and spans over 2100 islands divided into four states!! As one might suspect, this is a South Pac type of cuisine that bridges everything from French, English and whoever else settled and inhabited the islands in the course of it’s history. At the root,  it’s all taro, yam, bread-fruit, banana, and coconuts bringing together seafood, pig and chicken as main proteins. Rice is the staple carb and from there you find all manner of slow cooking methods from pit to spit. We chose to head that route for a Brovskyland favorite: BBQ. Polynesian/Micronesian/Indonesian pork ribs are slow marinated and then flame roasted for their version of BBQ.

Micronesian BBQ Pork Recipe: https://www.internationalcuisine.com/micronesian-bbq/


Ease of prep and cooking: HALF STARS out of five this recipe!
After several weeks in a row of tough stuff, this was a relative cake walk… minus the cake, obviously, in favor of pork. It was all “throw it in a bowl, forget about it and then grill it up” kind of M.O…. and with that being the case, and no trips to a specialty market for meat or ingredients, this was half a star for difficulty.

Best dish of all time scale: THREE STARS out of five for this meal!
And thennnn it was just lack luster. I’m not sure where the train jumped the tracks, guys. We were poised for some really flavorful meat- what with the marinade looking the way it did. For the shear amount of vinegar and orange juice, the acidity should have done crazy wonderful things to the meat. Now, the acidity did seem to render the meat super tender, but as far as a flavor profile, it didn’t meet the mark. It was good still- just nothing to write home about. After all the insanely good meals we have enjoyed, we couldn’t give this one more than three stars in the blog presence of such food greatness.

Next weekend finds us gearing up for L’s birthday week and gearing up for #162 which will find us in Jordan. We are hoping this one leaves us a little more satisfied and is a lot more mouth watering.

“Whatever words I say… I will always love you”,
– L & K



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