#158: Malta

Squeaky clean, jelly beans!

This week, post recovery from some pretty gnarly food poisoning and Halloween chaos. I found that cleaning was all I wanted to do. So I systematically took after each room in the apartment and deep cleaned. Turns out, when you’re dating and busy with life as I tend to get- clutter of the physical and emotional sense tend to pile up. My Type A personality just can’t handle clutter… so it was time to clean house in more ways than one πŸ˜‰ which is such a great feeling.

Clean your floors and feel that glorious smoothness beneath your toes. Clean your freezer and find all the space you have for more ice cream. Clean your phone/social media of unwanted people and feel the peace of mind drift over you like warm milk. It’s all about cleaning here this week in Brovskyland– and might I just say, it’s just so damn good for the soul. So keep it clean and play through.

THE DINNER: After having a fun and low key Saturday hanging out at Mockery’s third anniversary party and then hitting Great Divide for their Jameson-Aged silky smooth Dark Lager– we found our way to pizza heaven at Fat Sully’s. Sunday rolled around we had our last soccer match and then made it our mission to eat all the rabbit stew. Alright- allow me to back up now that we’ve caught up.

Our country adventure this weekend was Malta. Malta is an archipelago in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast–and was settled by both the French and the British at different times. This was super evident in their food profile. For one, rabbit stew is very much a British and provincial French peasant dish. The second part was the fact this puppy marinaded in red wine over night… sounds rather French to me. You would conceive that the country of Malta also has a big Mediterranean influence, and you wouldn’t be wrong there. It made for an interesting culinary excavation this weekend for sure.

Maltese Rabbit Stew Recipe: http://www.sbs.com.au/food/recipes/rabbit-stew-stuffat-tal-fenek


Ease of prep and cooking: THREE STAR out of five this recipe!
We were back at converting from metric to standard and Celsius to Fahrenheit. There also was a lack of direction with the directions, if you know what I mean. We had to go to a specialty meat market for the rabbit (shout out to Edward’s Meats in Arvada!). Overall, it was slightly more intensive than previous countries– hence the three stars. However, once the marinade was applied we sort of just “set it and forget it” while we were off at soccer. We came home to a stew and some pretty horrific Bronoco’s football.

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR of STARS out of five for this meal!
Rabbit tastes a lot like chicken, go figure. Who knew? But it was more dark meat and therefore juicier. There also was not a whole lot of meat- but that’s to be expected as it’s a small creature. The red wine was just perfect at breaking down the protein and creating a depth of flavor to the potatoes. Overall, it didn’t really need any extra seasoning…but we just wanted something more. More onion? Perhaps. More veggies? Quite possibly. Just More. So, therein lies the four stars and not five. More. At the risk of sounding greedy: Just More.

Running high on sleep post time change, we are off to the tiny country of Andorra for #159. As we head into the winter and Holiday months, we also might be taking occasional byes for family functions and “regular” food. Also as an update– for those that recall our adventure to Ox Tail Stew for #21: England?? Yeah, we are planning to revisit that recipe as the snow is flying and we are craving a little indulgence.

Later Alligators,
– L & K

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