#154: Liechtenstein


For those that have known me for any amount of time, it’s not a state secret that I don’t really sleep much. This typically results in those around me reaping the benefits of my favorite insomnia laced activity: BAKING. Yep, when I can’t sleep, it’s not sheep I count. I count teaspoons of vanilla; cups of flour and don’t walk so much as dance on egg shells. So, this week, as the sleepless nights have seemed to have returned– I have found some dim 2am’s running past my mixer as I sing along to the radio. Usually the genre of choice for this nocturnal activity is the George Strait pandora station… but this week it was some serious Ray Lamontagne. Trouble… Trouble….Trouble, my friends. Nothing but trouble 😉

THE DINNER: Confession: this one is hard to spell. I mean, I have to get a running start at it, particularly after lack of zzz’s. But after you get the funny name down, you find yourself in a very tiny, German-speaking country in central Europe nestled between Austria and Switzerland. How adorable. In the theme of insomnia baking, we are tackling a strudel-type dessert called Feine Linzer Plätzchen which roughly translates to “Fine Cranberry Cookies”.

If you guessed that this one features some German food, you’re spot on and a cheater because how easy was THAT lead in for you? It’s all good, I’ll let you have the easy pitches because the last several countries have been tricky and I’m sleep deprived and feeling generous. German food is like the penultimate comfort food… it’s all gravy and pork and potatoes. It’s laced with all the beer you could want. In the event of impending Oktoberfests everywhere, it’s a good thing we turned our attention to Europe this week.

Though to be honest after this week, I feel like I should start drinking more whiskey and wine and give the beer a rest. You know….for my heart.

Feine Linzer Plätzchen Recipe: http://baketotheroots.de/feine-linzer-platzchen/



Ease of prep and cooking: TWO STARS out of five these two recipes!
In terms of dough, this one was pretty easy! No proofing, no yeast, no stress. The almonds are important though, so don’t go rouge and think that almond flour is a substitute for the actual ground almonds… it’s a texture thing you will thank me for in spades later. Promise. Also, it’s hard to find cranberries this time of year. I guess Christmas cookies will do that to you.

Best dish of all time scale: FIVE STARS out of five for this dessert!!
I’m not going to lie, I needed a little sweet treat this Sunday Funday. I think everyone agree that the word to describe this dough was “phenomenal”. Sure the cranberry was lovely, but to be real, we could have filled these babies with anything and that dough would have been the show stopper. It reminded me a whole lot of Russian Tea Cookies (read: Almonds and a metric shit ton of butter); which was fitting because of Dad’s birthday but also because that’s a comfort food for me. Highly recommend eating them right out of the oven. You know, cookies are always better warm 🙂

For those curious readers, we did not give a mouse a cookie and we aren’t clear on what happens if we do. The Race for the Cure is next Sunday. L and I will be hanging up the soccer cleats for our running shoes to commemorate our 20th year running this one together ❤ When we return from the race will be tackling #155 in Cyprus.

Happy Birthday to AJB this weekend! Rollin’ with the double 5’s!
You’re not old, you’re vintage.

– L & K

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