#152: Equatorial Guinea

“It’s a glow in the dark compass ring so you won’t get lost”

That kept playing through my head as I was running and running and running some more in the Ragnar this weekend. “Man, I could use a compass ring or a hug from Tom Hanks right about now…” alright, I was a little delirious. But running in the middle of the night in the pitch and the black with a sky full of stars, I didn’t mind that I got a little lost on the trail and added an extra half mile to my route. I spent my weekend running 200ish miles over 31 hours in a van with 5 other people (4 of which I hadn’t met till the day before). I haven’t laughed that much in forever and can’t wait till I get to kill myself in a another Ragnar (read: March 2018 in Tennessee). It was the stupidest and craziest and most challenging thing I’ve done… and I fell back in love with running all over again ❤

THE DINNER: While I was losing my mind between Copper and Snowmass, L was busy cooking away for #152! In Guinea, chicken in the main stay for protein and it’s usually served in a peanut butter cream sauce. This recipe also included prawns. Curries and stews are served over rice or cassava like many other surrounding nations.

Guinea Chicken and Prawns Recipe: https://comida.uncomo.com/receta/como-preparar-un-plato-tipico-de-guinea-ecuatorial-5538.html?amp=1


Ease of prep and cooking: TWO STARS out of five this meal!
L reported that this one required translation and conversion– so added a point of difficulty for that. Apart from the logistics, it was easy and straightforward. Short ingredient list and short preparation time.

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR STARS out of five for Meal!!
My mom reported that she is still amazed at the complexity of peanut butter with chicken let alone with prawns! The recipe creator noted that bell pepper would have been a great addition and my parents both agreed with that. It needed a little more texture change and some veggies were the answer to that solution. The lemon was surprisingly pretty attentive in the flavor profile which is impressive with peanut butter being so over powering to many other flavors.

Can you believe it’s already labor day weekend?? I can’t even. This summer is FLYING by in all the best ways. After some obligatory BBQing for the holiday, we will be doing Tour De Fat and then eating up Dominica for #153 🙂 this is not to be confused with the Dominican Republic which we hit for #123

Making sure to calibrate my compass ring,
– L & K

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