#150: Djibouti

“The cure for anything is salt water… Sweat, tears or the sea”

Holy cow, isn’t that completely true. Camping on the pristine white sand beach in Florida with Keeks and company was just what the doctor ordered. I got all those cures involving salt water and now am a believer in that quote. Salt water is the cure to everything. (that and the food in New Orleans! Man alive, that was a foodie paradise all around). It’s funny how you never really think about those three things being therapeutic; but sometimes you just need a good cry, a good run in the humidity and a long swim in the ocean with the cutest kiddo you know to set things back to true north. When I retire to my sailboat, I will be sure to check, check, triple check all those boxes each day.

THE DINNER: While I was in the surf 2500 miles away, L dove into making Djibouti cuisine back in the Mile High City. (See what I did there with the “dove into”?!) This country is tiny and situated in East Africa.They eat a traditional dish called Lahoh for breakfast which is a crepe like pancake. While this cake is sometimes sweetened with honey (or bananas like our recipe this week), it is also eaten like pita or naan and consumed with stews or savory dishes throughout the day.

Djibouti Banana Fritter Recipe: http://www.rainbowgr.com/single-post-crr5/2015/03/08/Djibouti-Banana-Fritters


Ease of prep and cooking: ONE STAR out of five this meal!
The recipe itself is quick and dirty. Nothing hard about it, except it needed to be supplemented for flour quite a lot to achieve the consistency of batter needed. Going off recipe for myself and L, who are experienced bakers isn’t a huge deal, but some of you might find this harder or stressful so that’s a good point to take into consideration on your foodie journey. Once the adjustment was made to the batter it was smooth sailing (pardon my ocean puns this week, guys, I’m still on a beach evidently).

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR and A QUARTER STARS out of five for Meal!!
Nothing remarkable about a banana pancake fritter if we are being honest. Solid creamy banana flavor but it just lacked flair. If we venture to make these bad boys again, it was noted that crushed walnuts to add texture or powdered sugar to kick up the sweetness might make excellent modifications to the base recipe.

Congratulations to Joe Walsh of The Eagles and Colorado native Dan Fogelberg who we watched get inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame last night! Really cool show! Next weekend while I’m in Chicago for work, L will be tackling the food of Zambia for #151!

Looking forward to the Solar eclipse,
– L & K

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