#148: Pakistan

“Only you can prevent forest fires” vintage poster hangs in the Grand Junction Meyer’s guest room…

For some reason, this– THIS— was all I could think about a few Wednesday evenings ago when I was using my grill plate in my tiny one bedroom apartment. I had this image of a happy 1950’s Smoky the Bear smiling at me as my apartment filled with smoke. Fajitas. Indoors. Yes, I’ve had better ideas in my life. In my defense, I’d like to point out: I was left unsupervised; they were delicious; I would do it again.

Through the cloud of haze, when the door of the apartment opened, I was thrilled to see I wasn’t in this smoky mess alone. If at least one component of your adult life isn’t in a constant state of hot mess, you’re not doing it right. As you get older, there’s a realization that the messy parts are the best parts. Think about it. The best food? Messy food. The best games? Messy games. The best life? You got it. Even experienced cooks tend to make a total circus out of meals sometimes. The secret though is that they always enjoy that part. They make lemonade out of lemons… now this time, the solution was to make salsa, but trust us, lemonade wouldn’t have paired well.

Unrelated side note: Dad, the smoke detector works 😉

THE DINNER: To update you all on the 3 year journey we have had thus far, we only have 47 countries left! That’s a little less than a year away from completion. 76% give or take. With that, we were off to Pakistan like a herd of turtles for #148!

Beef Pasanda is a traditional middle eastern recipe for a lightly-spiced curry consisting of beef, onions and yogurt. The meal originated from the court of the Mughal emperors who conquered Northern India and Pakistan. The name Pasanda is a variation on the native word “pasande” meaning “favorite”. The cut of meat traditionally used? The best and most prime cut of meat… so it’s safe to say, “Tonight, we feast like kings!”

Beef Pasanda Recipe: http://mobile.pakirecipes.com/recipe/Pasanday


Ease of prep and cooking: TWO STARS out of five this meal!
All things considered, we have had tougher meals to prepare. The ingredients, even for a curry were pretty simple and there wasn’t a lot of problem finding the spices (many of which we already had on had). The recipe does require some conversion from metric, but by now, we are old pros at that maneuver.

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR STARS out of five for Meal!!
This was tricky… we really enjoyed it but it wasn’t amazing. The strangest addition was the poppy seeds– and there was a metric ton of those. They added a bizarre texture component to the dish, but we all agreed that we couldn’t taste a distinct difference. The biggest thing was it was peppery. Not spicy, but peppery. That’s a good thing for the most part, but overall it was a little underwhelming. 

We were so happy to be able to celebrate Natalie and Matt’s wedding this weekend with all our out of town family. I gotta say, the Brovskys clean up nice and party like it’s 1999. The next stop for this adventure is Eritrea for #149!

Happy Campers All Around,
– L & K


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