#142: Lebanon

Buona Sera!!

I have been watching sooo much of Master of None this week. The new gentleman caller and I are absolutely addicted to this season– and sort of shipping this Francesca/Dev romance. There’s a wonderful scene where they are dancing in Dev’s kitchen (which for those men reading, that is the single most romantic move you can have in your arsenal. You can thank me later for that one) and Francesca starts translating this song to Dev that’s in Italian. Where are you going with this Kris? Well, till that moment, I found the idea of translating to be so annoying and cumbersome… I now have fallen in love with the moving of words from one language to another. A new appreciation was born. It’s a beautiful thing. In this vein, I’ve starting taking Italian lessons. Allora, Allora.

THE DINNER: Now, while I love translating language now– I’m still not a fan of translating units of measure. This week’s recipe did call for a little of that nonsense. I just think the US should get away from standard measure, but que sera sera (look how good I’m getting at Italian!? haha).

I have a lab collaboration with a team at the Technion in Israel and have had a stream of conference calls. It’s gotten me in the mood for some food from the region. Thus, we picked Lebanon for this week. We were happy to find it really is a gateway between the palates of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. The recipe we picked was a Challah bread with feta, olives and sun dried tomatoes. It’s like stuffed bread?! What’s not to love about that. And we have had the most lovely love affair with this type of bread ever since we made Passover for #46 (Israel). It’s fluffy and buttery and while it takes forever this is a simple case of “good things come to those who wait”… even if they wait impatiently.

Lebanese Challah Recipe: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/452189618825355611/



Ease of prep and cooking: FIVE STARS out of five this meal!
Woof, guys. This one was a marathon not a sprint. Now this wasn’t entirely a shocker, as this is not our first hollar at Challah, if you know what I mean 😉 but it was not a picnic in Civic Center Park either. It’s not that the ingredients were tricky, it was just incredibly time intensive and a massive amount of baby sitting. All that aside, the ingredient list was considerably different from our traditional Israeli Challah many moons ago. So don’t get caught on auto pilot. We also would like to note, our first rise did not double in size, though it did expand. Additional notes from the kitchen, the amount of eggs is staggering– you’ve been warned. This one is an all day commitment.

Best dish of all time scale: THREE (and change) STARS out of five for Meal!!
GAHHH. It’s always a bummer when you spend the whole day working for it to just miss the mark. That’s what happened here. It’s a build up and let down situation. It was so much more dense than it’s traditional neighbor… not like Challah at all. It was also sweet… which if you know me, is so not a problem, but since it was stuffed with savory cheese and olives it was so bizarre. It was just not correct somehow. Though ironically and in all fairness– we all kept eating it! So it must not have been disgusting. All in all, I just couldn’t give it more than a “three and change” star mark.

SIDE NOTE WORTH MENTIONING: Those were the best damn sun dried tomatoes that I’ve ever encountered. I may not be eating those directly from the jar…

Where are we off to next? Well, that would be Kosovo for #143! ALSO— we have new aprons and t-shirts for those of you interested, DM me 🙂


Ciao, Bella!
– L & K

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