#138: South Sudan

What’s happenin’, hot stuff?

I hope you read that line exactly as it happens in 16 Candles. That movie is a birthday staple, even though I prefer Pretty in Pink. This week finds two of the Brovsky women another year older… and hopefully a little wiser. With birthday week upon us, it’s pretty much my favorite time of the year because that means TWO birthday dinners within 6 days of each other. There is nothing better than a home cooked meal of your mom’s comfort food to take the sting out of getting older. I took this weekend and escaped with my gal pal to Santa Fe for some spa, yoga, hot springs, sight seeing and foodie fun. We also got to take in Kasha-Katwue Reservation for some of the most spectacular hiking I’ve ever seen… and as a Colorado Native, that’s saying something, people.


THE DINNER: While I was away in the desert, L took to the kitchen in search of local Sudanese cuisine. Part and parcel to so many African nations, this country typically boasts a  variety of stewed meats and breads. In this Southern nation, it’s not uncommon to find fish dishes as well. The cuisine of Southern Sudan tends to reflect more of the Middle eastern flavors too, so many spice profiles are similar to Yemen or the UAE (both of which we have already done on our AW195S journey).

We picked a chicken dish that is served over mashed potatoes or some times with porridge or millet. I had to smirk a little when I realized that even thousands of miles away, a typical Sunday meal of chicken and potatoes was commonplace. The world is a small and wonderful place indeed. This one is called Agashe, which just means “grilled or charred meat”.

Just a little reminder, you can follow your food recipes on Pinterest too!!

Agashe– “Spicy Sudanese Chicken” Recipe: http://www.babanusa.com.au/blog/recipes/spicey-chicken-potato-recipe/




Ease of prep and cooking: TWO STARS out of five this meal!
Easy peezy for the solo cook this week. Thankfully!

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR STARS out of five for Meal!!
As far as “spicy” goes, this one really didn’t even hit the map. I guess this one was a whole lotta talk and a little less action in that department than we would have liked. Both judges agreed that it could have used more white and cayenne pepper to back up that claim, but that the chicken itself was moist and crispy. All around it was rib sticking and perfectly paired with mashed potatoes. All the juices from the chicken with the mash just made everything happy. Smoked paprika made this dish a hit.

Off to Monaco for #139!! And I just can’t help but play Rear Window in anticipation. I hope you get that reference…if not, mull it over for a week and I’ll clarify in my next post 😉

Birthday Wishes and Blowing out Candles!
– L & K

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