#137: El Salvador

Top of the mornin’ to ya!

It was St. Patty’s this weekend, and with that comes green beer, parades and way too much corned beef and take my word for it, no one is complaining. St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. I love this sort of not-holiday-holiday. I’m Irish, catholic and my favorite color is emerald green; so this is my comfort zone. Two years ago, Thelma brought me back a Connemara Irish Wishing Stone from her trip. You’re supposed to rub it and make a wish. This stone now sits on a shelf in my house and from time to time, I seek a little extra luck of the Irish and indulge my silliness to make a “wish”. I’m not saying my March Madness state of mayhem had me picking up the stone…but I won’t deny it. Either way, Nova blew my bracket out so maybe the stone is out of luck. That’s the way the Girl Scout cookie crumbles. 

THE DINNER: We already too a trip to the Green Isle during our first year on this project (Week 64) and made Fisherman’s Pie, so this year we mixed it up and picked a Central American nation to party with. We decided to make Panes con Pavo which is like an El Salvadorian version of a Vietnamese Bah Mi sandwich. Stick with me, people. It’s also been compared to the American “Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich”, but all things aside, it’s a roast turkey masterpiece.

In my food research this week, I learned that the Turkey was domesticated by the Aztecs. So in reality, the turkey sandwich is actually Latin American. Did I just blow your culinary minds? If you claim I didn’t, you’re lying; just let it sink in and you’ll see my side of things. This is game changing.

Panes con Pavo Recipe: http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Salvadoran-Turkey-Sandwich



Ease of prep and cooking: TWO STARS out of five this meal!
This one was a wash– I mean, it’s assembling a sandwich. Any drunk moron can manage that feat…even on St. Patty’s day weekend bender. Roasting turkey is a sort of set it and forget it deal, but I upped the points for not buying pre roasted meat here. The recipe, luckily, was not in need of translation nor was it in need of conversion. We had a pretty easy go of things. We couldn’t come by watercress so we subbed arugula.

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR and a HALF STARS out of five for Meal!!
Let me break it down for you. This is a turkey sandwich. It’s not exciting. It’s not sexy Friday night foodie adventure… it’s sort of a quiet Tuesday night in the burbs. Not to say it was disgusting or terrible. It was satisfying and fulfilling. I just mean to say, it wasn’t heart racing or show stopping. It was brazed in beer, so that alone put it above the average keel. We gave a hollar out to those raw onions for garnish and our spicy arugula substitution. It was lovely. We felt like it was just short of something special but couldn’t get there. Maybe it should have been spicier instead of peppery. Maybe it should have had something creamy like cheese or aoili. We couldn’t pin it down, but it was a solid player. The pepita seeds were such a neat surprise really. I never would have paired those with turkey!

AW195S is venturing into 71% completion!! Can you imagine that we are nearly at our two year anniversary for the project? Did I further mention, you can get AW195S t-shirts?! Because both of those are accurate. Please message me or comment below for details!

Off to South Sudan for #138!!

Spiraling in to March Madness!
– L & K

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