#134: Latvia

Patsy Cline is my guilty pleasure.

Her soft crooning of “oh, so lonesome for you Why can’t you be blue over me” fills the space in the apartment. It’s comforting to me, the way your favorite sweatshirt is or the way your butt fits into “your spot” on the couch. She’s emotional soul-filling-comfort-food for my psyche. I can tell you exactly why this is… my fondest memories of cooking with my mom (or watching my mom cook) when I was a wee small lass, have been colored with the notes of Mrs. Cline. She’s the background music to all my childhood food memories. So “Tear on my Pillow” or “Walking After Midnight” now fill my kitchen when I cook. It’s mindless background white noise, and a lot of the time, I don’t catch the tunes or the lyrics, but it’s like I’m cooking at home with my mom. I don’t think it gets better than that.

THE DINNER: Soundtrack of our weekend was a little less country and little more rock and roll in the Brovskyland. We had polar bear plunges and lunches with Grandparents so we were happy to have a second to slow Sunday way down and cook the cuisine of Eastern Europe: Latvia!

We picked piragi which is a lot like perogi but not quite. The Piragi have a more substantial dough situation going on– like a calzone more than the dumpling perogis tend towards. The piragi also have just meat (typically ham and bacon) and onion. That’s literally it. So they’re much more simplistic than their Perogi cousins that are filled with all manner of potato and cabbage, etc. These piragi are consumed year around, but in particular loved on the winter and summer solstice in celebration. We are not close to either of those lunar landmarks, but all is fair in love and food, right?

Piragi Recipe: http://cookinginlatvia.blogspot.com/2013/04/latvian-piragi-bacon-rolls.html?m=1



Ease of prep and cooking: THREE STARS out of five this meal!
So mom utilized the bread maker for the dough portion of this production, but even so assembly is required on this. The bacon and ham and onion are a cake walk. Overall, your tough scale comes from dough on this one. Also, the recipe does not include a temperature so we had to do some investigating. 375 C by the way 😉 knock yourself out, kids.

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR and 3/4 STARS out of five for Meal!!
So close!! It was almost a five star meal, guys. I have to be honest, we all wavered on the five star- back and forth like judging jump rope; but not one of us could in good conscience move it to a five. When pressed, none of us could really say why it wasn’t on the mark for a perfect score. We wanted a little something more. Apart from that “little something something” it was really tasty! For not having any spices, it was incredibly flavorful. The dough was crispy and flaky. All around we definitely enjoyed Latvia.

The island nation of Fiji will be our respite for #135!! See you there!

“I walk for miles along the highway
Well, that’s just my way of sayin’ I love you!” ❤
– L & K

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