#131: Comoros Islands

Well, hot damn, it’s been hot!

It was a record breaker in the Mile High City this last week with temps reaching into the mid 70’s…in February. Now, I’m not saying I wasn’t totally smitten and grateful for the change of pace, but I’m not ready to put away my cute boots and sweaters just yet. All that being said, it’s been balmy around here. Too bad for those of you out east that are enjoying record snow.

THE DINNER: We’re on this kick around here at AW195S in picking countries that we have absolutely never heard of before and that’s pretty impressive since I fancy myself a geography stud of sorts. This one and next week as well, stumped me. So, for those that had to google it, Comoros is a volcanic island nation that is on the south east coast of Africa near Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. Sooo, now you won’t lose sleep. You’re welcome. It’s comprised of 5 islands and it’s where L went for country 131!!

She chose to make banana fritters but they have a much cuter name in Comoros: Banana Puff Puff. I know, right?! Adorbs. Bananas are obviously common to the region, and like it’s island counterparts nearby, they have quite the sweet tooth. I was not surprised by this, I did find it surprising, however that one of their main languages is Arabic!

Banana Puff Puff Recipe: http://www.midnightpie.net/blog/ttwcomoros



Ease of prep and cooking: TWO STARS out of five this meal!
This was a solo mission for L, so those always tend to run a little higher on the difficulty because she has to translate, convert and take pictures on top of the actual cooking. So with all that considered, it also had the extra degree of frying. Now, for anyone that’s made fritters before– it’s not for the faint of frying. That’s dangerous business but usually anything fried is well worth the pay off of a few burns 😉

Best dish of all time scale: THREE STARS out of five for Meal!!
I wasn’t here for this one, as I was in Chicago, but from the assessment of the fritters, they were just “okay”. I’m not a fan of bananas but word on the street had it that they weren’t banana-y enough for those in the know. As far as desserts or fritters go, they were sort of lack luster but non the less tasty for a super bowl weekend treat.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming, we will be headed to another off the map country for #132. The Island of Nauru does exist. It’s near Australia. More on that next week!!

Still pissed that the Pats won, 
– L & K

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