#130: Costa Rica

“A woman’s place is in the kitchen.
A man’s place is in the kitchen.
Everyone should be in the kitchen! That’s where the food is!”

Wise words in these tumultuous times, indeed. I completely agree with this sentiment… and isn’t it funny how the kitchen seems to be ground zero of every home. It’s inevitably where everyone ends up congregating. Heart and hearth of the home. If the soul of the home is the kitchen, then food is the lifeblood.

THE DINNER: We bounced off to Costa Rica this weekend, which is a short journey culinarily from Honduras where we were holed up last weekend. I’m a big fan of Latin food, so this was another treat. Arroz con Pollo was the name of the game this time. For those that flunked out of high school Spanish (thank you Mrs. Read for being constantly in my head with your sound effects and hand gestures), that translates to “Rice with Chicken”.

Arroz con Pollo Recipe: http://www.196flavors.com/2015/09/10/costa-rica-arroz-con-pollo/



Ease of prep and cooking: THREE STARS out of five this meal!
There were a whole lot of moving parts to this one. It’s hardly a one pot wonder. It’s actually a lot of leg work and it took over two hours to prepare. That all aside, we didn’t have to translate the recipe and it wasn’t in metric. Just a good idea to make this one on a lazy Sunday.

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR STARS out of five for Meal!!
It wasn’t bad– but it wasn’t spectacular. Added some hot sauce, and then compared it to the non hot sauce version. I’m surprisingly neutral regarding the hot sauce component. It’s not what it was missing. It was just ho-hum. Delicious for what it was, but it wasn’t all that exciting. The cilantro was lovely, but I particularly liked the peas and the different timing of the veggies throughout gave some really great depth of texture. Some of the veggies were cooked completely and some still had a great bite to them. Very clever. Far and away, it was ultimately a forgettable one. EDIT: the leftovers seemed to taste better than the first time we had it! Not sure if this is translatable or if it’s just me being hungry… I would need a comparison study to confirm these results.

Super Bowl weekend finds L pulling a solo mission to Comoros for #131 as I will be out of town on work business… If you had to google “Comoros” you’re in good company– I did too. It exists. It’s in the Indies.

Rooting for whoever is not the Pats, 
– L & K

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