#128: San Marino

Pressing onward!

This week found so many of us adulting through the first full work week of 2017. For those of us that had to endure what felt like the “longest week of all time”, I salute  you. It was a struggle. It was also a whole lot of fun when it boiled down to it. I am starting to think that this “new year” business is so much more of a gift than 2016 turned out to be. From friends to dates to church, this week was jam packed. I’m so glad my lab was closed for MLK day, so that I can catch up on sleep; have yet another short week and have to relive all the pain of re-assimilating all over again. Ah, what can I say? I’m nothing if not a creature of habit 😉

THE DINNER: We pulled a double header this week, why? Because it just felt right! We wanna keep you all on your toes. We pulled into the country of San Marino for the second bite of the weekend. Now, San Marino you ask? Yeah, it’s tiny. It’s in the Italian peninsula and it’s actually got a strong food culture globally. A lot of the meals that we “associate” with Italian food are surprisingly San Marino based. Plot twist.

For the meal, this fact made it extremely hard to pick a recipe. Lots of options. So we settled on Nidi di Rondine which translates into “Swallow’s Nests”. Have you heard the story of the Swallows migrating to San Marino? Well, they have an entire national dish dedicated to this feat. At a glance, these are basically lasagna nests and are assembled and then baked.

Nidi di Rondine Recipe: https://www.thefooddictator.com/hirshon-san-marino-swallows-nests-nidi-di-rondine/

img_7763 img_7764


img_7740 img_7741 img_7742 img_7744 img_7746 img_7747 img_7748

img_7762 img_7753

img_7754 img_7756 img_7759



Ease of prep and cooking: TWO STARS out of five this meal!
So this was sort of hard to scale, if I’m being honest. We definitely had no problems coming across ingredients, nor did we have to translate or convert the recipe. The tricky bit came in during the assembly of the nests. That was a tag team effort and so in the spirit of full disclosure, undertaking this one solo might up the difficulty a bit for you. It wasn’t out of control though, so don’t worry. You could definitely take this one on by yourself, just be aware.

Best dish of all time scale: FIVE STARS out of five for Meal!!
Listen carefully to the words I am saying to you: pinwheels of pasta smothered in creamy bechamel sauce, gooey fontina cheese and Prosciutto and basil– wrapped into a bed of marinara and baked with Parmesan?! HAVE MERCY. This was pretty much the best thing I’ve eaten in 2017 so far and I suspect it’s going to hold onto that title unopposed for a long while. The creamy fontina (which is SUCH an underrated cheese) added some salt with the Prosciutto– the basil is listed as “optional” and first of all if you think that’s an option, how dare you. The whole nest was crispy on the top from the Parmesan. Overall, I probably ate my weight in these over the course of the day (yes, I shamelessly had leftovers).

We decided we needed a little Latin food to color our world, so we will be off to the country of Honduras for #129 to make sure we scratch that culinary itch properly.

Ciao Bellas!! 
– L & K


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