#126: Croatia

FINALLY! 2017!

I always love the romantic notion of New Years Eve– fireworks, champagne and kisses at midnight. It’s all so Gatsby to me. I feel like the whole thing is drenched in sequins and soft glow of rose lighting. Which is hilarious, because I never actually get dressed up and I never actually go out on the town. If I’m being honest, I can usually make it to midnight, but it’s a coin toss sometimes. For me, the brass tacks of this luminous time of year is that it’s the start and the end at the same time. You get to wrap up a chapter and start a new one, like a tidy little package. I think one of the best things about new beginnings is that they are afforded to those that are bold enough to take them. I would hope that in this new year, regardless of your resolutions, you can make sure to start each day like it’s NYE. So, my wish for you is to begin each day with coffee standing on top of the world and end each night with champagne dancing on top of the table 😉

THE DINNER: “Auld Lang Syne” translates to “for the sake of old times”. I think this is pretty darling. I have to apologize for the delay in this week’s posting, but for those that have seen me, I’ve been laid up with a pretty significant back injury… which was brought on by this sassy baker lifting 50lb bags of flour and compounded by dancing the night away NYE with the best people I know. Regardless, L took the reigns on the baking adventure in Croatia this week. And guys, it really was an adventure in every sense of the word.

This povitica is a bread that the Croatians use to ring in their holidays and the New Year. The folding of the dough on top of itself and the rolling of the dough like a swiss roll signifies the new year and the intertwining of all our lives. It’s really physically beautiful and poetically beautiful. That being said, this was all fun and games till it came down to brass tacks… buckle up for the difficulty on this one, ladies and gents.

Croatian Povitica Recipe: http://kneadbakecook.com/blog/2016/1/16/the-povitica-adventure



Ease of prep and cooking: SIX STARS out of five this meal!
Yes, I get it. “Kris, that’s off the scale…” and it absolutely is off the scale. My mom and I are what one might call, expert bakers. We thought it was sort of ridiculous. First of all, the recipe is in weight and needs to be converted to volume (so for those not following me, things were in lbs and needed to be converted to cups). The ingredients were not exotic and were easy to come by at the local Kings. L did comment that the dough was really easy to work with– that was the saving grace for this recipe.

Best dish of all time scale: THREE and a HALF STARS out of five for Meal!!
Now, getting down to brass tacks… after what turned out to seven hours of work on this bread– it should have knocked our socks off. It had to proof twice, for goodness sake. But alas, when it came down it, we just wanted it to be…more. More what? I couldn’t tell you exactly. Flakier? Certainly. Sweeter? Absolutely. Just more. It fell short after hours of anticipation and work. But man, what a gorgeous photo op this one turned out to be. And it is always fun getting to bake with my mom on a Sunday. So that was not to go unnoticed.

First AW195S for the New Year you ask?? Burma for #127! We will see you foodies there! 

– L & K

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