#124: Tanzania

Happy Birthday, L!! ❤

Alright, she is gonna hate me a little for this, but it’s worth it as I am only afforded this privilege once a year. Additionally, I am the keeper of the blog and therefore get free reign on what I want to write for the week… when I’m in town that is. So, happy damn birthday to my wonderful, witty, dazzling, compassionate, undeniably sophisticated mother. If you were to ask how old she is (first of all shame on you- you know never to ask a lady her age) the running joke is that she’s 28. Always 28. If you ask anyone who we know, though, she really isn’t a day over fast cars and freedom. The shocked looks we get about playing soccer on the same team, make me hope that I age just as gracefully. Cheers to L, the perpetual “twenty-something” (medical term for someone in their 30’s by the way) 😉

THE DINNER: Officially it’s referred to as the United Republic of Tanzania, which sounds so much more prestigious if you ask me. The most famous thing for me about this large country, is that it’s home to Kilimanjaro (Africa’s highest peak, for those that slept through geography class). For those that would like a less historically relevant form of Tanzanian trivia—Disney’s The Lion King also too place in the country. So if we are lucky, my mom and I might sing the Lion Sleeps Tonight or Circle of Life while we cook this week to make sure we are getting into the proper head-space for this adventure.

We picked a Tanzanian BBQ recipe that is sometimes referred to as mishkaki. Mishkaki is basically meat that is seasoned and grilled till it’s a little charred and a lot delicious. Now, since it was my mom’s birthday weekend, this was a poetic turn of events from the (virtumba we had originally picked– which is like vegan coconut doughnut things) because my mom lives and breathes for BBQ. Lucky for us, this one looked easy too!!

Tanzanian Mishkaki Recipe: http://www.cookinghawaiianstyle.com/



Ease of prep and cooking: ONE STAR out of five this meal!
So while there are quite a few ingredients that this one calls for, and that does require some measuring, etc. We did not have to convert anything from metric (hallelujah!!). Then you throw it to marinade and then on the grille. I’m thinking the strangest component of this one was the food coloring. That’s just strange for me, but to each their own! It did make for some pretty pictures.

Best dish of all time scale: FIVE STARS out of five for Meal!!
I was out for this one because of the soy sauce, but it was flavor packed! From the sweetness of the honey to the dry sherry and the soy sauce, it got great reviews. It was not spicy, but rather smokey and tender. Served with a side of greens, it turned out to be a really easy and quick addition to the arsenal!

For the last weekend before Santa comes, we will be journeying to Uzbekistan for #125!

Pongezi kwa siku ya kuzaliwa (“Happy Birthday” in Swahili),
– L & K

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