#123: Dominican Republic

Decking the Halls and taking names,

This week we decorated it up both in Brovskyland and our respective residences. It’s so festive around here! While decking the halls, the halls nearly decked us… a tree my parents have on their bridge decided it was going to come crashing down to the main floor. No light up reindeer were hurt in the making of this Christmas catastrophe however. So rest easy. I would also like to take this time to remind those of us that are a little less than Holiday Happy this season, that Santa will not be able to find your house if you don’t put up stockings or lights. I guess this is a moot point for those that know they made the naughty list. You know who you are, I imagine 😉

THE DINNER: This week we took a tropical vacation to The Dominican Republic in search of callaloo! While this stew is made from the leaves of the Callaloo Bush, you can imagine that we don’t have those state side. So we improvised. This dish is traditionally a West African meal that made its way to becoming a Caribbean staple.  Regardless of where it came from, the stew contains a seafood (saltfish, crab, conch or lobster) and will have other veggies in there too including pumpkin or collard greens. You then have spices which primarily are spicy peppers and black pepper as well as garlic, though there are some recipes that call for saffron in all its crimson glory. We made “calalou au crabe” (crab callaloo) which is a traditional Easter dish in the region. We figure the Christmas timing of this is off from Easter, but maybe Jesus won’t mind if it turns out to be really delicious… ?

Things I learned during this week’s meal:

  • How to shell a Dungeness crab (no, my Colorado Native self has not shelled the WHOLE crab ever in my 27 years of life. Shocking)
  • My mom is a ninja at shelling Dungeness crabs… a skill I have no idea where she picked up as she’s a Colorado Native too.
  • Jimmy Buffett has a song named Callaloo which probably does not bare repeating
  • “6TBSPS?! of COOKING SHERRY!?… woof. This is a party!”

Dominican Crabs in Pepper Sauce Recipe: http://www.rainbowgr.com/single-post-crr5/2015/03/08/Dominica-Crabs-in-Pepper-Sauce



Ease of prep and cooking: FOUR STARS out of five this meal!
Alright. The ingredients were not crazy to find. Even the Dungeness crab was pretty easy to come by in our land locked state… however, the removal of the meat? That took quite a long while. It was in fact, totally worth the work because crab is amazing. But still, this one was more difficult than normal.

Best dish of all time scale: FIVE STARS out of five for Meal!!
Delicious. This one was met by rave reviews. It was spicy. It was sweet and meaty from the crab. It was warm and gave us the warm-n-fuzzies. Well done, D.R.! We demolished this one. Not a leftover in sight. I will say that the cooking sherry really added another dimension to this one– though we did obviously bat an eye at the amount initially… we are soooo happy to be proven wrong!

King and Country will head to Tanzania for #124! This is also going to be a par-tayyy weekend… more on that to follow 😉

Dreaming of a white Christmas,
– L & K

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