#121: Sri Lanka

So, this week has been weird, Am-I-Right?

I guess if we are being fair, this whole year has been weird…and not in a Johnny Depp-it’s-charming-and-quirky kind of way, but in a distinctly odd and vague way. I feel like this year in general has been like a generic knockoff of a normal year. The milk is not completely sour and the bread is not entirely stale, but something just doesn’t seem to sit right. During this impending Christmas time, one of my favorite memories (and traditions to this day) is watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas. The old animated one, not the new Jim Carry one, just to be clear. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this, but at the end of that story, I still as an adult woman am reminded that the fabric of the Grinch’s soul was altered by the positivety of the Who people. Thus, I have decided that if I’m moving anywhere after this election, I’ll be moving to Whoville. My first order of business? Why, helping the Grinch grow his heart three sizes, of course. I know mine could stand to grow more anyway and they have “roast beast” and “Who-pudding” there, so it’s looking like a win-win for everyone. Please forward my mail accordingly.

THE DINNER: Our little detour to Sri Lanka was much needed this weekend. As is typically seen when we venture into the Indian Ocean region, so many of these cuisine profiles serve curry up as King and Country. That’s no different in the small island nation of Sri Lanka. They primarily devour fish or chicken in several variations on regular curry and serve it up over rice. Traditionally they also celebrate the food profiles of chutney, fruits and vegetarian fare. Additionally they are known for dahl (which I will remind you from our journey to Nepal in week #39 is “soup”) as well as these things call “hoppers” which is pan fried fermented batter. Sort of like a wonky version of a funnel cake, but savory and fermented. Okay, that was a stretch, I’ll admit it. Regardless (or “irregardless” as this was added to the Oxford Dictionary this week much to my chagrin) we picked a spicy squid curry to represent the nation of Sri Lanka!  It’s not surprising that the country utilizes so much seafood, as it’s an island, but the fennel was one ingredient on the list that did make me squint and my head tilt to the side. In disclosure, this is also a “masala” and not a “curry” for those keeping score.

Sri Lankan Spicy Squid Masala Recipe: http://abowlofcurry.cucumbertown.com/spicy-squid-masala-fry-recipe?image=4433



Ease of prep and cooking: THREE STARS out of five this meal!
So, actually the art of locating squid in a land locked state was half this week’s difficulty. We ended up at P.O.M. 🙂 much to our happy detouring. We love it there. So a little vacation to that part of our world was nice and welcomed. Apart from that, there was spice palooza since this was a masala, that’s not all together surprising. The remainder of the ingredients were found with ease at our local grocery.

Best dish of all time scale: TWO and a HALF STARS out of five for Meal!!
Let me preface this low scoring meal with this caveat: WE LOVE SQUID in Brovskyland. The reason this dish scored low was in now was reflective of the meat choice. So please, if you haven’t tried squid, don’t be scared or alarmed or let this review put you off it. Squid rocks. This squid, did not. What a shame that turned out to be! The meal actually turned out to be rather bland when it all boiled down to it. The texture of the squid might have been improved with more of a carmalization, but that doesn’t detract from the reality that it just lacked flavor. Curry/Masala is supposed to bring in so many flavor profiles that were absolutely absent here. What a disappointing exhibition. However, it should be noted that the onion and peppers with the tomatoes were very tasty. It is a very small note 😉

For turkey day weekend coming up, we are going to be thankful we are celebrating #122 in the little known African nation of Burkina Faso. Now, if you haven’t heard of that nation, you’re in good company, I hadn’t either.

Signing off from the top of Mount Crumpit 😉 , 
– L & K

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