#118: Haiti

Sa fe lon temps nou pa we!

That’s Haitian Creole for “Long time, no see!” — and we couldn’t mean it more sincerely here in Brovskyland 🙂 We have genuinely missed you all. As the fall gears up, we have had some pretty busy weekends around these parts. Happy to report that it’s starting to settle in and we are off to the races for the holiday season. I’m not going to lie, for some reason, this week started to feel like the first real week of autumn and boy, did that get my feels right in the feels, if you know what I mean! ((Additionally, happy anniversaries are in order for the Sewczak’s, Allen’s and Meyer’s ❤ all of whom celebrated their marriages in the the last week! If fall wasn’t in the air, it might be easy to say that love certainly is))

THE DINNER: Haitian Shrimp in Creole Sauce (Kribich An Sos) is a common dish for this stop on AW195S’s island nation. The ingredients in the dish vary from village to village, but luckily there is continuity in the base and it’s pairing is consistent with rice, plantains or corn meal (a lot like fufu from our African nations). I have also seen it paired with grits, but that might be an American South corruption so don’t take me at that one. Guys, this one is NINE ingredients– which on the heels of our curry adventure last week in Sudan it’s a welcome sight. Not to mention, one of those nine is a scotch bonnet. I’m one happy spice girl on that front.

Kribich an sos (Haitian Creole Shrimp) Recipe: http://haitiancooking.com/recipe/haitian-shrimp-kribich-nan-sos/



Ease of prep and cooking: ONE STAR out of five this meal!
So easy! Like I mentioned above, there were nine ingredients and only one spice. It was a piece of cake to put this one together after soccer this Sunday. The timing of the meal worked out perfectly, which we commented was a very infrequent sight for AW195S. All in all, the hardest thing you got on this one was the chopping. Along those lines, it should be mentioned that we could not come by the scotch bonnets– but we substituted habeneros (which for those unaware, are the same tier on the scoville scale).

Best dish of all time scale: FIVE STARS out of five for Meal!!
This girl is on fireeeeee! Alright, Alicia Keys, we get it. But real talk; this one was a five star, five alarm fire! It was so yummy, so please don’t panic. I’m a huge fan of the spice– this one got MY nose running! I mentioned that this was the first dish in a long long long while where I didn’t pour on the hot sauce following my initial tastings. All that being said, it was spicy but in a peppery way. It was not overwhelmingly spicy, but it was not for everyone. Even my dad, who can’t handle the heat gave this one a four– so the taste was there. The chili powder and the prawns. THE PRAWNS ❤ those babies were tiger prawns and their sweet meat really played nicely with the tomato sauce. It was a win, win this week for Haiti.

Easy like a Sunday morning — or in this case afternoon — we can pick up #119 with Taiwan!! Rumor has it from the recipe pull I conducted that it will be another spicy one in the Mile High City 😉 Prepare yourselves accordingly.

Cheers, Dears!!
– L & K

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