#116: Uganda

And the Broncos are off!
This weekend in Brovskyland we were able to cheer on our Boys of Fall to a resoundingly exciting victory over the Panthers in the Thursday night football official season opener. It was a tight one point “W” for the Mile High Heros– but rest assured, with a little baby QB and the loss of a huge leader in PFM, it was not expected and we were actually the underdogs (even though we beat Carolina for the Super Bowl only months ago). So proud of my state in so many ways: Colorado sunsets are unparalleled, Fresh mountain air, friendliest people you’ll meet in a big city, great food, innovative ecology and world class sports. Having spent my weekend on my annual Girls Trip to Palisade with the loves of my life drinking wine and laughing way too much, Mom and Dad took off to have some Ugandan food for our 116th meal on this journey.

THE DINNER: I’m dubbing this recipe Sseko Ugandan Beans and Rice because of the owner of the recipe and their story about eating this particular meal 2-3 times daily while working at Sseko Workshop in the country… so I feel like this should bare that name in honor of that. This is basically what it sounds like though– it’s an open book recipe: Bean. and. Rice. Apart from what you’d expect, protein in the form of legumes is pretty big in many nations outside the Colonies and speaking as a partial (but very naughty) pseudo vegetarian, ALL hail the beans and rice. It’s filling and satisfying and economical. What’s not to love? What makes this one different though, you may ask. Well, I think it’s the Marsala and eggplant. Not a typical combo but wholly enjoyable from a creativity and textural eating viewpoint.

Sseko Ugandan Beans & Rice Recipe: http://blog.ssekodesigns.com/sseko-recipe-spotlight-ugandan-beans-and-rice/




Ease of prep and cooking: ONE STARS out of five this meal!
It was one of those set it and forget it, as far as I heard from the troops on the ground. I watched in amazement as I dropped off a bottle of wine for my parents upon my return from Girls Weekend and saw my mom’s new pressure cooker making short work of the beans. Damn, I love technology. All the ingredients are local market available and there were no conversions or translations needed to hit this one home.

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR STARS out of five for Meal!!
The report from ground control on this one was that it actually had a little kick back to it! I guess the masala was a great little helper with the flavor profile– which absolutely isn’t surprising at all. At the end of the day, four stars for “just beans and rice” seems incredibly generous to a foodie like me, so this really must have been lovely. Additionally, coming from my dad who is all over a meat-and-potatoes sort of dude this seems extremely promising. Let’s hear it for Uganda!

As we venture off into the first week of Autumn (officially) and PSL drifts through the air, we can also venture off to #117 which will be Sudan. Not sure what Sudanese food is like, but I’m intrigued by what I am finding in my weekly research.

– L & K