#115: Panama

Model citizen zero discipline…

Don’t you know she’s coming home with me? / You’ll lose her in the turn / I’ll get her! / Panama, Panama / Panama, Panama… I hope you’re life revolves around music the way Brovskyland does!! This week found us dreaming of Panama and working for the weekend. I could go on with these references, but its really been a hard day’s night 😉 okay, that was the last one, I swear!! But man, I love the line in this Van Halen song that sparked this week’s country pick: “model citizen, zero discipline”– because ain’t that just the way?!

THE DINNER: Rock on, son. We took our sojourn to #114‘s neighbor, Panama for some more Central American food lovin’. We hadn’t done a drink since we hit up Ireland for some whiskey, so we picked the national sweet corn drink of choice for the Panamanians “Chicheme”.  It’s a drink that’s also a meal… think of it like a Panamanian version of the meal replacement shake 😉 but better. Traditionally, it’s made from milk, sweet corn or cornmeal, cinnamon, and vanilla, and often also water. It’s served cold and beloved by many– much like it’s Mexican cousin horchata.We got super distracted though by the yucca at the super market and like the great PFM called an audible “OMAHA!” and picked the Mojo Yucca breakfast option. This is like home fries– but it’s cactus instead of potato! It’s traditionally served with chorizo and avocado but sometimes with rice or maize bread.

Yucca Mojo Recipe: http://www.cocinerita.com/yuca-mojo/




Ease of prep and cooking: ONE STARS out of five this meal!
It was basically just a fry up (and maybe I’ve been watching too much BBC these days to call it that). We got all the ingredients from our local down the street and even scored some Colorado Proud chorizo to boot! The whole thing was really easy.

Best dish of all time scale: FIVE STARS out of five for Meal!!
So, to be fair, the real score given was “ten” but that messes up my scale. So needless to write more, but this was awesome. Something strange and unexpected happens to cilantro when fried– it actually tastes like parsley. Additionally some hot sauce was added because after all, we are who we are. Brilliant introduction to yucca, by the way. That baby is a bitch to peel but boy did it come through in the end! He who wrestles the yucca, wins all.

So…  #116!! That puts us in Uganda for the weekend of Labor Day! Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. I can already tell you there are no pop or Van Halen songs that are about Uganda. So that’s already sort of sad 😉

To keep with the Van Halen vibe:
Living at a pace that kills / Runnin’ with the devil!
– L & K

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