#112: Senegal

Welcome to part two!

After a Saturday of mud volleyball and Colorado sunshine, it was time for some R & R at the brovskyland castle. Contrary to appearances, I am such a fangirl for lazy weekend days; particularly Sundays. Something about rolling out of bed, throwing on sweats that might as well be pajamas still, taking all day to sip my coffee, hanging out with my mom and dad, cuddles with the dog, maybe a run (maybe not. lol) and then the food! I think it’s only improved upon when there’s football involved, so let’s call it nearly perfect by that mark. Ahhhh, Monday’s are not so bad when you’ve recharged your battery this way. I’m beyond blessed. I don’t care if that sounds cliche.

THE DINNER: Continuing with our African adventure this weekend, we hung out in Somali today. It was actually a great day to sit about and cook! This one was pretty involved as far as ingredients. It was not a hard list to tackle, but it was long. For Senegal, we picked a rice and fish dish that was what my mother was calling “a one pot wonder” in a dutch oven. This super hearty dish is actually the national dish of Senegal, this boldly flavored combination of fish, rice, and vegetables simmered in tomato sauce. It’s stuffed fish and rice with veggies– what’s not to love. It’s called Thiéboudienne.

Thiéboudienne Recipe: http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Senegal-Fish-Rice



Ease of prep and cooking: FIVE STARS out of five this meal!
Don’t be scared! It’s difficult. I’m not going to sugar coat that– but it was not horrific. You have to chop a whole lot of veggies. You have to stuff and tie fish fillets. You have to make the stuffing for those fillets. You have to make sure the rice doesn’t boil dry (might be altitude specific problem #5280issues) but in all honesty, it was just time consuming and not hard. It was a meal we worked for though. No strange issues– save the problem with the yucca substitute and we had to sub the tamarind.

Best dish of all time scale: THREE and 3/4 STARS out of five for Meal!!
It was good!  At the time, we couldn’t really place why it wasn’t amazing… but upon a few days reflection it was decided that it was just a little blah. It was maybe bland? But it was not as flavorful as we wanted or expected. It was a hard followup to the super flavor-packed meal in Mali yesterday. That’s for sure. I loved the eggplant though and the fish was lovely. All in all incredibly hearty as promised (and also this recipe feeds a small village army, so be aware of left overs on this one. We might have quartered this recipe should we attempt again).

See you for lucky #113 on AW195S next weekend as we welcome back football Sundays with NFL preseason openers!!

– L & K

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