#109/#110: Borneo (Malaysia and Indonesia)

Good food feeds the soul as much as the body,

In brovskyland it’s not uncommon for us to cook a family dinner at the very LEAST once a week. We love spending time in the kitchen– but more importantly sharing a meal with each other. It wouldn’t matter to me if my mom was a good cook or not, I mean, turns out she’s amazing at cooking. It wouldn’t matter to me if we had take out food, I just want to spend time with the people who make my heart happy. That’s what good food means to me. It has very little to do with actual food.

THE DINNER: After an adventure at the shooting range this weekend, we ventured into the Pacific and took on Borneo. I actually learned a whole lot about Borneo this week in pulling recipes and doing my typical AW195S research. The country is actually part of Malaysia and Indonesia. So it’s two nations, one island. So that’s why we have #109 AND #110 for this week. I found this part pretty fascinating. Alternatively, the other different thing is that this week’s “recipe” is via youtube. Guys, looks at the times we live in!! 😉

Laksa Soup Recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1eHoriT_aI



Ease of prep and cooking: TWO STARS out of five this meal!
Really doesn’t get much easier than rice noodles. I mean, those babies are so quick and dirty it should mean they don’t taste as good as they do. I’m not sure if anyone else will have the same issue we ran into with the bean sprouts, but they seem to either be out of season in the states or out of stock. If there’s a run on the sprouts, just substitute those bad boys and move along. We suggest snow or snap peas. We used both the snap peas and the radish sprouts. It was a great alternative. I gave it a added star for the youtube mayhem. Rewind, play, rewind, pause, play, etc… what a mess. And we had to do all that and convert from metric.

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR and a HALF STARS out of five for Meal!!
SO YUMMY. To be fair, we were a house divided on this one. My mom and I were in the house of the “more spice! Pass the sambal and Sriracha!!” and then there were the house of dad and Jess who were preaching “it’s spicy as it is! Leave it and pass the acid reducer!” I think a happy medium in this game of thrones situation is best practice. IT was not TOO overly spiced. The radish sprouts we substituted added a little bite, but it was not outrageous. It was easily adjusted to the needs of everyone and no a soul passed up seconds. So that should speak volumes. It was “baby, you hurt so good” scenario. 

Hot damn, we’re on a roll up in here! That means we are going to announce #111 to be Mali and #112 will be Senegal for a double header next weekend!!

Later Gator!
– L & K

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