#108: Algeria

By the way, the Windy City says, “Hello”

Fresh off a trip to the metropolis of the Midwest, I have nothing planned. WHAT?! *gasp*Shock! Awe! It’s like a unicorn these days when I have a weekend where this is the docket. And by that, I mean that L & K literally kicked off their weekend with a massage and a little more REM sleep later… after that it got back to the normal pace of seeing friends, having dates, brunching like a champ with my besties. But it was a whole lot more chill than my Chicago adventure last weekend. I’m not going to lie, I feel like a new woman! Ready to hit the ground running. Which is good because a snapshot of the week to come looks a little hairy: meetings, Rockies games, cornhole leagues, blood drives, and and house-warmings.

THE DINNER: Venturing back to Africa, as we still have quite a few nations on that continent to knock out, we sojourned to Algeria for some soup. Yes. Soup. Now, before you get all “dude, it’s summer” on me, soup is wonderful. Soup should be eaten year around and I resent the fact that you seasonal elitists place it in the category of winter/fall fare and lest ye forget that in some areas of the world it is in fact winter/fall there. So with all that being said in our defense… we are huge fans of soup. Obviously.

We picked Chorba Bayda which is Algerian White Chicken Soup. This soup is most popular during Ramadan (so score another point for having soup in the summer!). It’s got chickpeas, like you would anticipate any North African meal to contain in one form or another, as well as eggs, which is a very strange addition to any soup or meal in Africa for that matter. I’m not going to lie to you good people, the addition of butter in this recipe made me souppppper happy (bad pun intended, because I love you and puns).

Chorba Bayda Recipe: http://www.halalhomecooking.com/chorba-bayda-algerian-white-chicken-soup/



Ease of prep and cooking: ONE and A HALF STARS out of five this meal!
This was so fast and simple. It was quick and dirty. I loved that we had something that we could set and forget. Africa has been pretty accommodating to that type of cooking as a general rule. We had no special trips to any special markets for ingredients. I have it a half star more for converting from metric to standard… also… “Halal Chicken”? Not clear on what that is.

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR STARS out of five for Meal!!
Long and short of this one, kiddos, we wanted to grade inflate here. We really love chicken noodle soup in the Brovsky Clan. It’s clinical. We should be studied. But this was not chicken noodle. IT WAS chicken soup. And while it was lovely, it was not anything exciting. I was reminded how out-of-this-world our last venture into chicken soup on AW195S was (guys, Nepal… it was magical. and spicy). On the heels of that unforgettable love affair with chicken noodle soup, I couldn’t give this one top marks. Apart from that, it was tasty. I was not a fan of the cinnamon. It was a little strange. I did have a thing for all the parsley… and that egg yolk… good lord, more egg yolk, folks. Be still my beating heart.

We are proud to be rounding the bend on #109 by way of Borneo (which is actually Malaysia and Indonesia) next weekend!! I feel like the month of July is flying by, but that must mean that we are having fun 😉 So I can’t possibly complain. It’s two countries in one nation next week… wrap your brains around that.

Toodles Poodles!
– L & K



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