#107: Oman

“Can we hold class outside…?!”

Remember when you were in class and it was so beautiful out that you wanted to beg and plead with all your classes to hold that day’s lesson outside. Sometimes it worked! Your teacher would take their session out of door and allow you to be a little less distracted. (now as an adult, I realize it’s not that shocking. They probably want to have class outside more than any kids and are happy as a clam to oblige the request. But still. It seemed magical when you talked them into it). You probably wonder where she’s going with this one— as an adult with a window at my desk, it’s hard when I can’t just “hold class” outside. Chalk another thing up to sucky adulthood, guys 😉 I guess I’ll have to settle for paid time off as the trade.

THE DINNER: This week our food journey took us to the Arabian Peninsula to visit Oman. Now, I don’t know about you all, but I’m a geography ace. I mean, Carmen Sandiego couldn’t hide from this girl… but damned if I knew where the hell this one was without googling it. So, there you have it– Oman. A land where “very high income” is more prevalent, it’s more akin to Dubai, if we are being honest.

Omani cuisine is completely diverse and has been influenced by many cultures due to it’s situation on the Persian Gulf and it’s hub as a trade route throughout history of the modern world. Omani people, like many nations that have extreme and let’s face it absolutely crippling heat indexes usually eat their main daily meal at midday, while the evening meal is lighter (particularly during Ramadan and in the remaining summer months). So, when we made “dinner” for this one, it was more like a light lunch fare. Baba ghanoush ( or بابا غنوج in Arabic) was the name of the game this time. For those unaware, Baba ghanoush is like hummus… but instead of chickpeas it’s eggplant. And the people did rejoice.

Baba ghanoush Recipe: http://livewellnetwork.com/My-Family-Recipe-Rocks/recipes/Baba-Ghanoush/9121092



Ease of prep and cooking: HALF STAR out of five this meal!
Guys!! We made our very own tahini. Go ahead and marvel. Okayyyyy…. to be honest, it was so easy. But still, we felt sort of excellent about this. It’s literally sesame seeds and oil in a food processor– and that’s all she wrote. Apart from that, you roast those eggplants and throw all the ingredients in the blender and it’s a dream. Half star is as good as it gets.

Best dish of all time scale: SIX STARS out of five for Meal!!
Alright. Six is a BIT dramatic. You can’t blame me though, if you were there and you tasted it, we were star struck. Five is the scale so that’s what it gets, but it could have gotten higher. The lemon and the eggplant played too well together. They should get married and have all the baba ghanoush babies in the history of forever. I think they owe it to the world’s taste buds to do this for us. For those of you that love hummus, this kicks hummus’ scrawny booty all the way across the playground. I’m not sure if we can go back to the second rate spread after this one… 😉

#108 puts us in the African nation of Algeria! I’m not sure what you have planned… but I’m holding the next week of lab work and meetings outside. In the sun. With a margarita ❤

Love and dog kisses,
– L & K

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