#105: The Philippines

Food Fest 2016, is what I’m calling this week…

If you’re not aware, this week, like so many in American culture is riddled with food. Why? Why else? We have a national holiday! So a long weekend means more time for food and fun! I’m planning on being super American and participating in drinking, cornhole, grilling and firework watching. Spending time in the most gorgeous state, while also spending time with the most gorgeous people (inside and out) really rounds off a great month. It’s the halfway point for those keeping track, so soak up some more roller coasters, festivals, concerts and popsicles because we’re almost out for the summer.

THE DINNER: For The Philippines we made sure to consult our favorite resident Filipino about what they most love about the food of their origin. The resounding vote was for a dish called pancit, and upon looking at the ingredient list, it’s easy to see why. The pancit is to the Philippines as the spaghetti dinner is to Italian Americans. It’s a family dinner staple comfort food.

Pancit Recipe: http://www.manilaspoon.com/2012/08/pansit-philippine-noodle-dish.html



Ease of prep and cooking: THREE STAR out of five this meal!
Nothing strange on the western front here! All these ingredients, including the maifun noodles were found at Kings… and that’s sort of a miracle for Asian nations as that usually (to our supreme amusement) lands us at P.O.M—but alas, not this week! We used Bokchoy for the cabbage as it didn’t specify, but you can always call an “ohama” on that one and use nappa or whatever you have around. The wok you see being utilized is a fabrication of my father’s and it is freaking awesome! Don’t worry if you don’t have one though, you can still sort of feel like a Benihana iron chef if you use a regular stove top wok 😉 less cool, but whatever, we can’t all be the cool kids.

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR STARS out of five for Meal!!
Looks like this one was a little bit of a missed shot. I wasn’t around for the soy sauce infused noodle madness, due to my allergy, but the word around the bullpen was that while the pancit was decent, it was disappointing in two avenues: sauce and composition. Both seemed to have been a ratio problem. Not enough sauce to noodles. Not enough meat to veggies. The foremost left the noodles a little on the bland side and the aforementioned left it boring. So at the end of it all, it was yummy, and the fixes were easy enough to make it a five star… just not this go-around. But come on—who doesn’t absolutely love love love rice noodles!!? If you don’t like them, we can’t be friends… sorry, not sorry. Plus it’s a pretty healthy nation to food-vacation too.

(NOTE TO READERS: My mom mentioned that she might even triple the amount of sauce for the next attempt at the pancit. I’ll update you if it’s successful!)

#106 we will journey to Zimbabwe!
Look out for the zebras on our food safari, culinary travelers!

Happy 4th of July, Com-Patriots,
– L & K


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