#103: Slovenia

Welcome to Summer!
Happy Summer Solstice, homies!

Wow, sorry for the radio silence! Don’t worry, we haven’t gone anywhere… well, we have, in that I was in Charleston for a week soaking up some sun and love from my wonderful friends Kiki and Chris (and their perfect son, Colton; and two loveably pups). In addition to all that, it’s been a week of new jobs and new adventures starting up, which while fantastic, tends to lean towards the adage: “Time flies when you’re having fun”. All things considered, I apologize for the delay in my posting—but I can promise it was totally worth the wait (as all good things are). Also we can promise a double header this weekend to make up for the Father’s Day bye weekend. We celebrated the patriarch of the Brovsky Clan with beer, burgers and a dart tournament… so there was no AW195S to be had.

THE DINNER: We picked Slovenia for #103 last week and it was so much fun—because to be honest, the Eastern Europeans just know how to make comfort food. Seriously. They have this down to a warm and fuzzy science. If you weren’t aware, the country of Slovenia has a food profile heavily influenced by Hungarian and Czech cuisine. That means things like goulash and spiced like paprika find their way to chicken or beef and get all happy and wonderful.

We actually picked a dish that is a type of Slovenian goulash for dinner this week. Haluski was the name of the dish and it featured fried cabbage with pancetta and egg noodles… let me tell you, it was simple and simply delicious. You can substitute the egg noodles for traditional potato dumplings if you wish as an acceptable substitution (which may or may not include gnocchi).

Haluski Recipe: http://www.afamilyfeast.com/haluski-fried-cabbage-noodles/



Ease of prep and cooking: HALF STAR out of five this meal!
There was little to no ingredients… and I just panic a little thinking that it may swing towards “flavorless”. But as per usual, I am happy to be wrong. There are a handful of very accessible ingredients and they were all readily available at the local market (including the egg noodles. More on that below). You literally use a metric ton of butter and fry all the ingredients….which strangely enough calls for THREE ONIONS and then you add them to the egg noodles and serve. Just so you know, you’ll spend more time chopping in prep work than it will take to make this whole meal. Time on the clock for this one was literally about 17 minutes from start to plate.

Best dish of all time scale: FIVE STARS out of five for Meal!!
There wasn’t even a debate on this one. Five stars easily covered this meal—and for the amount of effort expended, we wanted to give it more. The meal itself reminded me of the meal we made for Slovakia (except that one had dumplings and goat cheese). But overall, I think I liked this one more for one simple reason — Egg Noodles. GUYS. Egg noodles, evidentially come in “yolk-less” form… now, this was fascinating to me, because I couldn’t imagine that they would be the same texture wise. And they weren’t, but in the opposite way of what I anticipated. They held up so strong with the cabbage!! They maintained their al’dente bite and I would be willing to bet might even fare well in the freezer. These are my new favorite foodie find. Also they’re less calories for those who care about those things—no yolks after all means “healthier” by the caloric meter.

Next stop on our food train will be #104 and as promised #105 next week we will be hitting the likes of Nigeria for something to satiate our sweet tooth and then The Philippines for something savory!

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!
– L & K


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