#100: Kenya

Gorgeous Weather!

I think this was one of my favorite weekends in the 5280 as far as weather is concerned. It was absolutely the most spectacular sunshiny day Saturday. I mean, it was nearly 90 degrees. I’m very seriously considering an invite to hit Palisade for Memorial Day weekend– some more fun in the sun would be on the menu. Regardless, we have so many exciting things planned for the next week.

This Sunday brought gardening, soccer and BBQing with some of the best people on the planet. I am so happy these days to just chill on my friend’s patios and drink and laugh. It’s the simple things in life you remember. Life’s just too short to not make sure you’re enjoying it with the people who make you smile.

THE DINNER: We had an adventure for this centennial country this week locating goat meat in Colorado. It was actually a whole lot of fun. We ended up at Sam’s Meat Market in Aurora, which boasted all manner of exotic meats… and hot sauces (Be still my beating heart <3) I mean this place was packed– and we got there right at opening. And did they ever have any meat you would possibly want!! Yak, rattlesnake, conch, frog, kangaroo. And of course, goat.


All things considered this made for a really exciting country meal. Nyama Choma was the name of the culinary game for #100 this Sunday. It’s the national meal of Kenya. It’s basically grilled goat meat– and it’s often served with maize (Ugali). We did not make maize, but we did make grits, which is still a corn based side dish. We also served it with a size of kale and tomatoes which is also an African staple as we have discovered over the past two years.

Nyama Choma Recipe: http://blog.ingredientmatcher.com/recipe-the-national-dish-of-kenya-ugali-nyama-choma-na-kachumbari/



Ease of prep and cooking: TWO STARS out of five this meal!
This one was just a catch in finding the actual meat. The making of the meal was probably a one star dream ride. It just grilled and got happy and then we made grits. It wasn’t very challenging but was actually a fun departure from our normal.

Best dish of all time scale: FIVE STARS out of five for Meal!!
This one was interesting. In a good way. I loved the goat meat actually (it didn’t love me later on, but that’s a different story). I think it was best described as a cross between lamb and beef. It really did taste a whole lot like lamb. We didn’t have anything on it, we just had the meat grilled/steamed. The cheesy grits were just delish, but that’s my inner Southerner talking. We really did enjoy this little culinary trip to Kenya.

For #101 next weekend we have decided to surprise you all! It’s Memorial Day weekend, so I can only guess it’s going to involve family fun and lots of delicious meal times shared with us all.

Here’s to hoping you find your inner happy!
– L & K

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