#99: Romania

What a Roller Coaster Week!

Full of ups and downs; twists and turns. But as for me, I happen to love roller coasters. There is something about the feeling of being weightless and having absolutely no control over anything. When I was younger, I used to hate that feeling– but as an adult, it’s very translational to life. A good friend and mentor when I was working in DC used to say that you’re on the roller coaster of life anyway, you can take two approaches. First one is that you can stress out and scream and white knuckle it through the whole ride… and where does that leave you? Scared mostly and you missed out on all of the fun of riding in the first place. So I have worked hard to adopt his second mentality: the person who rides with their hands off the bar. Losing control is lovely when you’re an adult….so more roller coasters for me, please and thank you 😉 I can’t worry about the ride when I’m having all the fun.

THE DINNER: We initially had a different country lined up this week and called an old fashioned audible because we wanted to make sure we found goat meat (Stay tuned for next week’s adventure on finding goat meat in Denver). So we decided to make Romanian food for #99. For Romania, we had a whole lot of options but man o’ man we wanted to make dessert, because roller coaster weeks often call for eating my feelings and I have a sweet tooth.

One of these days, I will make it to Bucharest. Till then, I will have to just eat all the Cozonac stateside. Cozonac is like the Romanian version of a nutella braid…except the nutella is walnuts and you make it yourself. Also there’s rum. So hooray for the Romanians. It is a traditional cake made in Eastern Europe.

Cozonac Recipe: http://homecookinginmontana.blogspot.com/2009/01/romanian-cozonac-nut-filled.html



Ease of prep and cooking: FOUR STARS out of five this meal!
Baking is tricky. Making fresh bread is tricky. Evidently making Nutella from scratch is tricky. I’m not going to lie though, as a baker, this one was fun, fun, fun till daddy took the T-Bird away for us in Brovskyland. It’s definitely an undertaking, but that four star rating is really more for you guys than us because we are baking queens (and dancing queens, but let’s put a pin in that one for now). Long story short, ingredients are easy. Follow the instructions. Have fresh, active yeast. You’ll be golden.

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR and A QUARTER STARS out of five for Meal!!
Lovely. It was really nice to come home from Sunday soccer and stuff my face with warm cake. All that being said, the instructions had vague parts to them (ie: orange peel is NOT the same thing as orange zest! but I digress…). I loved the walnuts in the filling. I loved the fragrance of the orange peel/zest and extract. I’m going to lay it on you though– it needed something. Something was missing. Something was wanting. I needed more salty. I needed ice cream with it. I needed it more sweet. It missed the mark ever so slightly, because it just needed an elevation in one of these fields. Apart from that, it was really yummy. I would make a version of this again and again.

Welcome to #100 AW195S followers!  We have selected Kenya which is mentioned involved a mission to find goat meat in the Mile High City next weekend!! What an adventure as always we find ourselves in 😉

Have fun on that Roller Coaster, guys!
– L & K


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