#98: Mauritania

Howdy Folks!

I can’t tell you the last time we had snow in May… oh, wait, last year. It wasn’t on May 1st last year, but Mother’s Day… still, it makes me cringe to have to scrape my car off this time of year. All that aside, it’s been a year since Daniel joined our family and two years since we kicked off this foodie adventure. Time really does seem to fly when you’re having fun. I hope the time flying by also means warmer weather is here to stay. This is one native that is ready for summer.

THE DINNER: This weekend of anniversaries was marked with a visit to Mauritania. Which for those (like me) who had no idea where in the world this was (or where in the world Carmen San Diego is) it’s a nation in Western Africa. Now you can tell all your friends and look like a smarty-pants. Get down with your bad self, nerds.

The meal this week was vegetarian. It was actually a country packed with vegetarian recipes. I have to admit, this was an easy one to pull recipes for whereas that hasn’t traditionally been the case with many of the African nations. I will chalk that up to this incredible string of luck I’ve happened to have lately 😉 Go me!! This dish is seen here in the states actually — it’s become a well known classic Creole dish. It’s origins are in Africa though, so it’s nice to see where our food comes from. It’s called Egg Rougaille and it packs a small ingredient list and a whole lotta flavor! Thanks to the ginger, coriander and garlic.

Mauritania Egg Rougaille Recipe: http://thehappyfoodie.co.uk/recipes/egg-rougaille



Ease of prep and cooking: ONE STARS out of five this meal!
Sincerely… it might have earned half a star to be honest. It was so easy to make. I already can’t wait to make this again, it was simple and quick and absolutely scrumptious (we will get to that below). That’s really all she wrote, friends! Ingredients were all found in our local market without any special field trips.

Best dish of all time scale: FIVE STARS out of five for Meal!!
It was so good!! I’m a huge fan of ginger. The rest of brovskyland would probably take it or leave it, but I love it. All that considered, it was such an unexpected hit with the rest of the family— the tomato acid really made the sweetness of the ginger a ballast for the flavors. Even though you use a whole root, it wasn’t overpowering. I’m also a sucker for a poached egg. I’m of the school of thought that yolk makes EVERYTHING better. So for that it was already going to rate well with us. We paired it with some fresh bread to soak up the juices. Not to mention it was light but satisfying.

We are taking a bye for Mother’s Day weekend, so that the chefs can kick up their soccer cleats and chill for the weekend. I know what they say about rest for the wicked, but I’m sure we can sneak by. We will resume with #99 in two weeks!! Don’t miss us too much 😉

 Happy Cinco De Mayo and Derby Week!!
– L & K

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