#97: Central African Republic

Hey Colorado!

This weekend was so much fun— windy, but fun. There was no shortage of falling back in love with my state just like I tend to do every time I drive through the mountains. Took a little getaway to the Western Slope and hit up Palisade and Grand Junction for some adventuring. Friends, running, wine, beer and laughter were on the menu. It was so very hard to come back from that to reality.
THE DINNER: While I was running all around Colorado, L decided it would be a great weekend for some soccer and visiting Africa for some international cuisine. She settled on CAR (Central African Republic) for the meal this weekend and she went all out, as usual, on this one. The tricky part about this week was finding banana leaves for steaming the fish dish that was chosen… now finding banana leaves in Colorado was an adventure of it’s own! Maboké de Capitaine is the name of this dish— it’s a staple of the CAR and is typically served with plantains and/or rice.

Maboké de Capitaine Recipe: http://www.internationalcuisine.com/central-african-republic-steamed-fish/



Ease of prep and cooking: ONE STARS out of five this meal!
After last week’s Baklava chaos, it was nice to have a one star on our hands. The trickiest part being the location and acquisition of the banana leaves, as mentioned above. Let’s have another three cheers for the POM market for that one, guys. Well done. L mentioned that while she was assembling the wraps, she wondered if the Professor and Maryann were going to join her in the primitive task. (She may also have had a Castaway moment, it’s unclear since I wasn’t there). She did say that it offered a really cool escape from reality- which if she couldn’t be in Colorado Wine Country with me, that was maybe the next great stay-cation.

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR and a HALF STARS out of five for Meal!!
Seems like it was pretty no frills. I mean, steamed fish in leaves!? No complicated by any means. The banana leaves leached the smallest hint of banana into the meat of the fish, but in a subtitle way.  All things considered, it was nice to add some spice with fresh peppers. Even though I missed out on cooking this one with my mom, I do pull the recipes for the weeks that I’m not in town. So for that, it was really nice to hear that she felt like this recipe was such a cool departure from “normal” western cooking. Primitive and basic. She said it was one of the most traditional recipe picks so far, and for that I felt like I was able to join in the fun too.

WOW. We finally have arrived at #98… that means we are literally 50% complete now with our food journey. What a crazy though that we have almost completed triple digits worth of international food. That’s two years for those keeping up. BrovskyAdventures always seem to go-big-or-go-home, in this case, we’re not going home just yet. We’re going to Mauritania for week 98!! 

 See You All There!!!
– L & K

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