#95: Rwanda

Hey Foodies!

The 5280 has been a buzz with Spring time! The Blake Street Bombers are back in swinging mode; birds are chirping away and my goldfish is pretty sure that sunbathing is in his future (wear some SPF, goldfish Ron Swanson!). It also seems to be birthday season in Brovskyland with My brother in law and three close friends all celebrating another candle on their cupcakes this week! Cheers to that!

THE DINNER: This week, while I was watching Story and the Boys at Coors, mom and dad cooked some Rwandan food for country #95! As with so many of the African nations, Rwandans like to keep it simple in the kitchen. Lots of meals have starches like beans, bananas, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and sorghum. Dairy products are also widely consumed, particularly a traditional drink of curdled milk… which makes me cringe if we’re being honest.

Sour Sweet Fish was the dish this week– and evidently when Kris is away, they break out the really cool Discada my dad made to fry this week’s fish up. A discada is basically the Mexican version of a wok, but it allows for the deep frying/pan frying of meat with very high, direct heat and very little actual oil.

Sour Sweet Fish Recipe: http://www.therwandancook.com/sour-sweet-fish-recipe/



Ease of prep and cooking: TWO and a HALF STARS out of five this meal!
From what I heard in my recap from the ‘Rents, they didn’t have much hardship preparing this one… that being said, they sort of live for grilling things and to be fair, when they say it was “two” for difficulty it’s probably more like a three because for some of us grilling is hard. For seafood, it turns color so it’s a little easier. Apart from the cooking aspect, the ingredient list is nothing exotic.

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR STARS out of five for Meal!!
They reported back that the fish was good…but odd. When I say “odd”, I suppose it’s more like “unexpected” because while most sour/sweet dishes are citrus based, this one was tomato based. Acidity aside as the common denominator, tomato based white fish recipes are different. They said it was good though and they were stoked about getting to have a little down home fish fry.

Heading into #96 (Bosnia!) we are thrilled to nearly be in the triple digits for this awesome food project and culinary journey we’ve embarked on!

 Happy Bday to Dan, Kiki, Chris and Brandon!
– L & K

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