#87: Syria

We are the Champions, my friends!!

Congratulations to the Denver Broncos for an amazing season and an astounding victory in the face of all the naysayers. It was a pretty awesome weekend in Brovskyland, filled with football and food and family. Three out of the four of my favorite “f” words covered there. It’s bittersweet though, because while we have ended on the best possible note, this marks the farthest we will be from football. It’s now on to baseball and soccer season…and well, we all know how those Rockies break your heart 😉

THE DINNER: This week we decided to take a trip to the Middle East, because, well it’s a whole lot warmer there than it was here this week. It was a snowy, blustery kind of state we found ourselves in, so it was a welcome food escape when we decided to venture to the culinary world of Syria for week #87.

When looking for recipes this week, as with last week, we concentrated on a vegetarian menu. Because of all the impending football goodness: pizza, burgers, hot wings… and all manner of greasy and wondrous meat related dishes; we wanted to give our bodies a little break from all that with our AW195S pick. I loved the idea of doing a green salad for a Middle Eastern country because in so many ways, we relate to food of the region to slow roasted meats and shwarmas; tangines and naan. It’s not a produce desert!! It’s actually incredibly common for Middle Easterners to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies year around, due to their warm climate and they consume these fresh foods on a daily basis. For that reason the cabbage salad pick selected is something pretty prevalent.

Syrian Savoy Salad Recipe: http://www.finecooking.com/recipes/middle-eastern-cabbage-salad.aspx



Ease of prep and cooking: ONE STAR out of five this meal!
Come on, Ladies and Gentleman, this one is CAKE. It’s a chopped salad, for heavens sake. But in all reality, it’s just about the chopping and ingredients here. We did make the dressing from scratch, per the recipe, so there is where the one star comes from. It was so aromatic! Which was lovely. Also, all the ingredients were easy to come by at the local grocers and the recipe did not require translation, which after Bulgaria last week, we were happy as clams to realize.

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR and a HALF STARS out of five for Meal!!
Delicious and refreshing! As a flexitarian, I eat salad all the time. So this is my wheel house, but also I’m pretty critical for that same reason of salads. I love cabbage so that already was a delightful departure from romaine, iceberg and butter lettuce. The red onion is perfect, so that added to it. I also just fell in love with this dressing! The lemon was tart but the yogurt was sweet and the spices were savory. All bases covered. The best thing was the mint, while subtle and finely chopped added a little something special to the background. Well done, Syria. We were all very impressed, even my carnivorous father. Not to mention, this one would hold up swell in the fridge for leftovers (we didn’t have any because it was devoured), but the cabbage really holds up with dressing and doesn’t get wilty.

I can’t believe we are already on our #88 country! We plan to head north for our final Scandinavian country Sweden for Valentines Day weekend!

 Happy Valentines, lovers!
– L & K

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