#86: Bulgaria

Snowy, Monday!

I’m all about the snow, as I know many of you Colorado natives agree with me. It’s funny to talk about the differences between a big snow storm here and a big snow storm in places where they aren’t used to it… looking at you, East Coast and Southern states! 😉 Regardless, we have been getting some significant snow, and unlike those other places– we have to go to work still. I’m totally jealous though, it would be nice to have the Denver area shut down for a little while.

THE DINNER: In light of super bowl meat fest that we anticipate, we decided to head a little south of vegetarian for the next several weeks on AW195S! This week we hit up the European country of Bulgaria for some grub and were surprised with the overlap of dishes we saw. It was hard to find a uniquely “Bulgarian” dish as there was a cultural bleed into Russian and German dishes.

None the less deterred, we settled on a simplistic zucchini stew that brought with it some major complications. We picked out a Zucchini and Rice Stew (“тиквички и ориз яхния” in Bulgarian by the way… ). It was tricky because the first recipe we pulled absolutely refused to give into the charms of Google Translate making it impossible to read or decipher.  The next recipe was better but not without problems, mainly the portion size.

Bulgarian Zucchini-Rice Stew Recipe: http://bulgarian-recipes.com/bebeshki-i-detski-hrani-13/detski-zelenchukovi%C2%A0hrani-158/zucchini-with-rice-11600.html



Ease of prep and cooking: FOUR STARS out of five this meal!
We have been really fortunate to have google translate save our bacon over this culinary journey. Oooh, bacon … now I’m sidetracked. Proverbial bacon. This time we were not so lucky. We could not seem to get the original recipe translated so we hunted for an alternative, which we found but it took more time than usual. There were only four ingredients but that was not the hard part. We also had to quadruple the recipe to make it feed-able to three normal sized humans. Messy is the word of the day for this one, folks.

Best dish of all time scale: TWO (sad) STARS out of five for Meal!!
Good grief, Charlie Brown! After all the work on this one, it was actually really a disappointment. It was the most bland thing we’ve made, ever. It had a little dill for garnish, but save that which was “optional” in the recipe”, it had no flavor! Onion. That’s the only aromatic in the meal, didn’t save this one. It had so much potential. Bland. (SIDE BAR: we went to town with it after we tasted the initial tasteless rice mush… some hot sauce and garlic and salt and pepper and BAM! It was suddenly palatable… but even the tarted up version only won an extra half star from the panel.)

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us and we will be spending Saturday in Syria for #87 so we can celebrate with our Broncos on Sunday!! 


– L & K



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