#63: The Maldives

Picking up where we left off,

Welcome to part duex of our double header foodie weekend on AW195S! We have been chipping away at life and projects this week. One food surgery completed, one job interview down, one wedding invitation addressing party on the books and sooooo much yard work in our future. Guys, it’s an exciting time of year!! Kids are headed back to school and football has started. I happen to be madly in love with the fall. It’s the best time of year, in my opinion and this week, I have started to feel like it’s getting closer. Fingers crossed that I’m correct.

THE DINNER: You’re going to love what we have in store for your palates this weekend! I mean, double headers are the best in so many ways. Our hit on Singapore cuisine was a resounding success, but now for some fried food in the Maldives…playground of the rich and fabulous, for those unaware (like my dad). We are making Biskeemiyaa which is an egg roll type dish that is eaten at lunch and as a snack or appetizer in the Maldives. The main ingredients comprise of chopped cabbage and boiled egg though there are variations with tuna, which is one of the Maldavian favorite foods. These little egg roll type pockets re called hedhika or “short eats“. I’m pretty excited about taking a day trip to this island paradise… wish I were there in person. Someday perhaps.

Biskeemiyaa Recipe: https://thefoodfairy.wordpress.com/2012/08/22/maldivian-biskeemiyaa-a-recipe-from-six-senses-laamu-maldives/















Ease of prep and cooking: THREE STARS out of five this meal!
In terms of the ingredients this is a half star. In terms of the filling, this is also a half star… but then we get into stuffing and folding egg rolls– which ups the difficulty and then frying in general in hot oil is something of a challenge not ventured into by the faint of heart. It’s safe bet that this one falls around the three star range for those reasons, though if you’ve got a knack for folding egg rolls (like yours truly, evidently is) then you’ll probably find these to be something of a cake walk. So this one is a little subjective, much like leftsa (See Norway from week #34: https://brovskyadventures.wordpress.com/2014/12/29/34-norway/)

Best dish of all time scale: FIVE STARS out of five for Meal!!
This double header weekend was a grand slam all around. TWO five star meals chalked up on the score board was a perfect way to scratch off another weekend on the ol’ calendar, if I do say so myself. These were lovely– i mean, who doesn’t love that there are eggs inside the egg rolls! That alliteration is just poetic and ironic. I love cabbage, so that was great. Additionally, my dad commented that the curry leaves were the “peppery” part that he really liked. The shells were crispy and I literally could eat these all week (which I might be because our yield was about 20) and they’re vegetarian which is a great plan for many out there too.

#64 will have us breaking shore on the coast of another island country (that’s our third in a row, btw…) Ireland!
Can’t wait for what that food holds… I’m guessing, if you need a hint, it’s going to include potatoes and some kind of whiskey 😉 the surprise will be all yours.

Great playing from our Boys of Fall this opening weekend!
– L & K

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