#62: Singapore

Here’s lookin at you kid!

I just had to add that because, though I often watch old movies, I’ve been on a Bogart kick all week. Something to be said about that time period, and about Bogart. He was snappy and a little sappy, but always in a gentlemanly way. His counterpart, in my mind, is Harrison Ford, who perfectly embodies the Bogart swagger. This week has been relaxing in Brovskyland. Colorado has been in for a little cool down, which is welcomed by most. I for one am ready for fall.. and the Boys of Fall, our Broncos, have kicked off the season under the Friday night lights. It’s all good in our hood. All is right.

THE DINNER: This weekend on 195 Sundays we wanted to have a little adventure, so we picked two island nations to venture to. Singapore and The Maldives. For our first meal, we hit up Singapore for some of their famous spicy cuisine. I’ve always wanted to visit Singapore (and really Thailand) after seeing The King and I. A lot of their food on the island of Singapore is Indian curries and Chinese noodle based. A large amount of their food, understandably is fried, unlike Thai food and surrounding island nations of Indonesia.

We were seeking to find something a little different from the fried food (as our dish for the Maldives was to be fried) and we came across the best recipe for Chili-ed Prawn soup or curry. It has a really great an light base and is spicy… which we love. We can’t help but note that as an island nation, Singaporeans eat very little fish and seafood. In fact, they consume a fair amount more of pork (pork fallopian tube soup, anyone?!) and noodles in their daily diet.

Singapore Chili Prawn Curry: http://www.closetcooking.com/2009/06/singapore-chili-prawns.html


















Ease of prep and cooking: ONE STAR out of five this meal!
I can’t stress this enough, this was one of the easiest meals I think we’ve made on AW195S! I can’t tell if it was our tandem foodie telepathy keeping L & K in sync in the kitchen (insert 90’s boy band reference here). I can’t tell if the recipe was really just that simple, either way, one thing is for sure, it was really just a walk in the park. We prepped the dry and wet ingredients completely before we started, and though the recipe does not state to do this– it was the best laid plan. It was smooth as silk and quick as lightening.

Best dish of all time scale: FIVE STARS out of five for Meal!!
This weekend was a great adventure in food– mainly because we had two back to back five star meals. We loved these chili prawns… my initial comment was “those aren’t prawns– those are lobsters!” because landsake, they were gigantic!! We started to eat and we were are immediately struck by how spicy it was— but not overly so. I mean, I’ll be real, my nose was running but we could all use a good sinus clearing now and again. Even my father, who is a spice baby, would be the first to give it a five. It was so yummy. The egg at the end, very traditional for Asian cooking, was brilliant. It made the sauce really velvety and thick. The peppers we picked were initially just by availability but ended up being the best pick of the meal. Overall, I think served over rice noodles or steamed white rice would be the best way to have this, though we had it “naked”… also we would have tripled the recipe because it was gone oh too soon… like really… come back… we miss you already.

#63 puts us into the second half of the doubleheader weekend! So we are off to The Maldives!

Here’s Lookin’ at you, kid!
– L & K

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