#61: Cameroon


So things have finally started to calm down around these parts. It’s been a whirlwind several weeks with tournaments, outings, cooking, vacations, concerts and the like. It’s nice to have a relaxing weekend where I don’t end up hitting Monday morning at a full run and muttering “wait, did the weekend start yet? I wasn’t ready…” into my umpteenth cup of joe. I’m glad for the break, even though I enjoy a hectic pace. The more activity the merrier, but we all need a little reboot from time to time.

THE DINNER: We picked our final runner up from our country poll a few weeks ago, which was Cameroon. Cameroonian food made me cringe and intrigued me just enough to keep going. I saw recipes for Bush Meat which for those not well versed, please allow me to elaborate… that’s like the African desert equivalent of road kill. It’s everything from large rats to porcupines and from chimpanzee to lemurs. Luckily, those aren’t considered staples, so we didn’t have to try and dig up porcupine meat. Whew! Dodged that bullet!

Overall, this country’s pallet looked unsurprisingly similar to other African nations we’ve eaten around: cassava, fufu, plantains, okra, chicken, peanuts, stews and tangines, braised river fish. Uniquely though, soya or brochette is a national food that is basically a kabob or souvlaki typically with the use of chicken. We picked this awesome grilled chicken called Kati Kati which was indicative of this grilling culture seen in Cameroon. With a little research, I was able to find out that, Kati Kati is one of the signature dishes of the Nkom people in Northwest Cameroon.

Kati Kati Recipe: http://africanbites.com/?p=9466

















Ease of prep and cooking: TWO STARS out of five this meal!
In real time, this one is pretty simple…but we went the traditional route and mom literally quartered a chicken. If you purchase your chicken already pieced out, you’ll undoubtedly find this week’s meal a one or less out of five stars. You dry the chicken and then sprinkle on this lovely powder rub and then fry or grill it. We are convinced that if we added some oil and made it more of a paste, then grilled it– we would be in hog heaven. We plan on using this method next time we make it. We also plan on adding in some rice or casssava which would add some degree of additional difficulty, but minimally. It’s good to note that we made this for lunch and it was delightfully easy.

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR STARS out of five for Meal!!
To be fair to Cameroon, this very very very narrowly missed the mark for 4.5 stars… the take away was the salt. It was salty, but no where near the level of South Africa in week #35 (https://brovskyadventures.wordpress.com/2015/01/05/35-south-africa/) it was just a little too salty to earn a 4.5 or higher. It was however pretty darn spicy which is something we dig immensely in Brovskyland. I’m glad we served it on Kale because it most definitely allowed for cutting that spice a little for those that needed that. I could think of an easy million and three other things I would love to do with this chicken (visions of wraps, salads and pastas danced in my head like sugar plums). I think it’s earned a good four stars. It was likeable but not the belle of the ball. Can’t wait to revisit it in the day-to-day meal grind though, it’s got potential! In my very best Marlon Brando: It could have been a contender!

I can’t believe we are at #62  — and #63 for that matter… we plan on doing a double header weekend for you guys next week. We basically thought about where in the world a fabulous vacation would pan out and came up with Singapore and The Maldives!
So, culinary jet setters, grab your best swim trunks and suites as we head off to back to back island nations next week on AW195S!

Wishing everyone puppy kisses and sunshine,
– L & K

2 thoughts on “#61: Cameroon

  1. I just love the writing! I feel like I’m talking to my best friend about her week and dinner (though you and I have never met). I’m glad to have run across your blog. You and your mom make such good choices. We talk about your posts over wine like its our weekly book club! Keep up the fun! With love from some foodie friends in Alabama!

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