#60: Yemen

Holy Pack of Pickled Peppers, Batman!

That’s right, ladies and gents, pickles! All manner and type of pickled cucumber has been brined and “put up” around the brovskyland kitchen. It’s an exciting foodie adventure for me at least, because this is the first time I’ve preserved food, though I’ve always loved eating it. It is quite the process and to be honest, it looks like it’s a lot of work and it turns out that assumption is 110% real. What a mess. As is the case study for so many delicious creations, this one made the kitchen into a tornado.

THE DINNER: This week we picked a runner up from our previous reader poll: Yemen. Yemeni cuisine is trademarked by the Middle East (of which it is a regional country) and by the Indian peninsula (of which trade routes are common and seafaring peoples visited). These two realities of geography make for one of the most interesting flavor profiles we’ve encountered on AW195S. You have the slow roasted and hearty nature of the middle eastern foods paired with the complexity of Indian curries and spices. It’s wonderful and fascinating.

We mixed up the mix and opted to make a traditional Yemeni breakfast!! The Brovskys are BIG fans of the breakfast and insist that “the most important meal of the day” should be eaten at all times and in all ways. In this way, we think of ourselves as breakfast pioneers. That fits in line with how the Middle East views breakfast. We made these crepe like egg pockets with green onion and cilantro and peppers. They’re called مطبقية يمنية
Which translates Mutaqabiya Yemeniyah or basically a Yemeni take on the breakfast hot pocket. It’s traditional to be served vegetarian and with black tea. The dough remind me of a tortilla and a crepe hybrid.

Mutaqabiya Yemeniyah Recipe: http://yemeniyah.com/category/breads/























Ease of prep and cooking: ONE STARS out of five this meal!
I honestly set out looking at this recipe as Mount Everest. We had been canning pickles all weekend and I had a feeling that this recipe was going to put us over the edge. I anticipated incorrectly, because this recipe was actually pretty darn easy. Its intimidating when we have to make dough and it can sometimes be finicky on how it’s handled or rolls out or fries up. This one was a dream though and we were already plotting on how to make this a breakfast food staple in Brovskyland. Talks of modifying the filling with spices and different veggies abounded before we even finished clearing the dishes. I’m gonna tell you, this one is one to make and one to make often. The most fascinating part of the whole process was that twice-fried dough… it was pretty amazing, because naturally you would think the thin layers would become fused together and become one but instead they separate and fry evenly. It was pretty incredible actually and we are still in awe of how well the dough worked. It was also super easy which is a bonus.

Best dish of all time scale: FIVE STARS out of five for Meal!!
The five star salute for this one was pretty much unanimous. It was so yummy. There’s not much to say about it, really, it is what it is. Fried dough that echoed to toastada-like visions of huevos racheros. It was like an egg quesadilla but better than that sounds– there was no cheese (though you could easily enough make it your own). There was a hint of spice from the pepper and then the tangy green onion. It was satisfying but still on the lighter side which is important for breakfast fare. Breakfast shouldn’t make you wanna crawl back into bed nursing a food coma. Breakfast should power your day, and this was case-point-example of that. Well played, Yemen, we look forward to meeting you again.

We are chipping away at our total of 195 countries and we mark #61  with food from the African nation of Cameroon!
It’s beginning to ramp up as we get closer to our goal of eating our way around the world, stopping at every country. We would love to hear your feedback too as you’re a big part of the journey we are on.

BTW, a pack of pickled peppers is a whole lot of work!
Catch you next week,
– L & K

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