#59: Cambodia

What’s Kickin?!

Soccer. Soccer’s been kickin all weekend and, good gracious, it’s been a hot one in Denver. That was both good and bad. Good because we had our annual soccer tourney, so we were happy that inclement weather didn’t cancel any games… bad because we were baking. But que cera cera. It’s one way or the other, so we were pleased with the overall outcome. After a week of vacations and concerts, it’s good to be back in the big C-O. We took first place in our soccer tourney, so shout out to the ladies of Just Kickin It!! You played awesome and we had an unreasonable amount of fun with you this weekend.  (Que: We Are The Champions by Queen)

THE DINNER: As we travel to Cambodia which was the winner of our poll results from last week all I saw as I pulled recipes was: RICE. RICE. RICE, people. AND THEN… more rice. That’s the name of the Cambodian food game, evidently. They eat rice morning, noon and night– deep fried with herbs as street food and snacks, for breakfast in porridge and obviously at dinner as an accompaniment for their main course. Just plain white rice makes a huge impact on the food profile of this nation, as with so many other surrounding Asian countries. There are hundreds of varieties of indigenous Khmer rice and sticky rice (which is my kryptonite…) is typically seen on the dessert menu. Water has made the biggest impression on the Khmer cuisine– it provides the country’s two staples: RICE and FISH. Apart from those two things, we often see poultry grace their meals. I was most intrigued by the influence of French food on the Khmer people… It was poetic, at least to a foodie, that we were half way across the world last week making South American food in French Guiana and here we are in the midst of Asia and we see the same influence. It’s incredibly humbling and makes the world seem smaller when we can link similarities across the globe. No need to sing Kumbayah, but it’s sort of lovely to know we’re not alone.

We made some Loc Lac which is Cambodian stir fried beef with lime dipping sauce. This is typically served over Jasmine rice, but we couldn’t help but make Bánh hỏi which is a take on Vietnamese fried rice noodles… imagine for me, if you would, the love child of Chinese fried rice and Vietnamese Rice noodle salad. And now you can picture Nirvana. Welcome to foodie paradise, guys.

Loc Lac Recipe: http://www.food.com/recipe/elephant-walks-loc-lac-cambodian-beef-with-lime-dipping-sauce-278043
Bánh hỏi Recipe: http://cambodianfoodrecipes.com/fried-rice-noodles























Ease of prep and cooking: FOUR STARS out of five this Dinner!
Alright. Alright. Alright. To be fair, this one might only be a three star difficulty… but we tackled this one after playing a double header and for that it turned into an “all hands on deck” scenario. Good thing that Brovskyland kitchen runs like a well oiled machine in times of stress. All things considered, it was not that hard, but it was a lot of prep and babysitting and stir fry in general is a little dangerous so it naturally requires a fair amount of respect and attention; lest ye wish to miss your eyebrows, young grasshopper. Compound this week’s culinary adventure with not one but two separate stir fried dishes and you had yourself a rodeo. We didn’t have any ingredients that were off the charts or any recipes that needed translating or measurements that needed converting. It was just a ton of irons in the fire after a day of playing soccer in the fire.

Best dish of all time scale: FOUR and a HALF STARS out of five for Dinner!!
The four star difficulty lends itself as a deterrent for many, but this one was worth all the extra attention. We baby sat those stir fried noodles and beef and came out with one of the best meals we’ve had in a while. While the beef was delicious and highlighted with that fantastic lime dipping sauce, it was really these rice noodles that came to be the star of the meal. We were super impressed with those puppies. They were satisfying and also lacked nothing in department of taste. We couldn’t comment on a single thing that would improve them. They were that good and before we were even doing dishes we were discussing how best to work them into a weekly rotation during the everyday meal grind. They were really easy too when it came down to brass tacks and wouldn’t be hard to accomplish when only cooked by themselves and without the addition of the Loc Lac.

Well we’ve made it to week #60 and it’s going to be a trip to Yemen!
As a lover of the culinary profiles surrounding this Middle Eastern Country, I’m looking forward to this one. Yemen came in second on our food poll last week and Cameroon was close behind in third place. Thanks to everyone who voted!

One more big congrats to our soccer team- Just Kickin It!
We love you ladies!
– L & K

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